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Thread: NCAA board does not recommend change to transfer waiver process

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    Default NCAA board does not recommend change to transfer waiver process

    The NCAA is prepared to vote on the transfer waiver process on May 20th. It looks like the board does not recommend the proposed changes to the transfer waiver process:

    NCAA board does not recommend change to transfer waiver process
    Jeff Borzello
    ESPN Staff Writer
    Apr 30, 2020

    The NCAA Division I Board of Directors said Thursday that it does not recommend potential changes to the transfer waiver process.

    The Division I Council is expected to vote on a one-time transfer waiver in May that would allow student-athletes in football, men's and women's basketball, baseball and men's ice hockey to transfer and compete immediately at their new school. As it stands, student-athletes in those five sports have to sit out one year before competing.

    The Transfer Waiver Working Group recommended waiver guidelines change to allow the one-time transfer waiver, but while the Board of Directors recommended lifting the moratorium on transfer legislation, it disagreed on changing the waiver process.

    "The board agreed to lift the moratorium on transfer legislation for the 2020-21 legislative cycle but recommended to the Council that changes to the waiver process as suggested by the working group are not appropriate at this time," the NCAA's statement said. "Board members recommended the waiver process be sensitive to student-athlete well-being, especially those impacted by COVID-19 in the interim period."

    This casts doubt on the passage of a one-time transfer waiver, which is expected to be voted on by the Division I Council on May 20. If it passes, it is unclear whether it would go into effect immediately or for the 2021-22 academic year.
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    its unfortunate for those deserving young people however, in the bigger picture, easing the transfer rules will just encourage a donneybrook what with the new ability of athletes to get paid by local businessmen....

    better figure out a system that keeps SOME integrity in college sports....perhaps allow one time transfers right away but also limit how many scholarships a college can use for transfers....I don't really know but there needs to be some safeguards....

    not so important with womens bb, but with the men, I just hate when players come and go so frequently...

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