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Thread: 2021 Potential Recruit -- Bree Salenbein

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    Its awesome that the Zags got currently #32 recruit in 2021 class. Coming back from a ACL injury. Let hope Bree Salenbein has a successful rehab etc. Looks like she will need work in the weight room to broaden those shoulders and build some arm muscles also. When both the Wirth twins leave after next year they will leave a large void to fill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sylean View Post
    yeah, sure, I'd like more beef under the basket.....but I don't like bully players....Sara H at BYU is very tall, but skinny, and I can say she does not resort to being a bully or animal play that I recall....
    That's what Salmon and Moody are for. They do the dirty work.

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