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Thread: OT - WNBA Draft occurs Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by sittingon50 View Post
    Thanks ZD. I'm aware he went to Minnesota. I used the "" to allude to KG's move to Oregon & some people's problem with that. What's the difference?
    I don't see any difference. Some people think that Oregon, with Nike money, is buying the best of the best, but it really is no difference than what most teams in the SEC, and many in the ACC, Big10 and Big12 do. In the vast majority of states, the highest paid person on the State payroll is a head coach of some sport (usually football), so spending big $$ on a coach, facilities, recruits (oops, did I say that), etc. is the typical situation. Oregon is no different.

    For the coach that has a strong desire to pit his skills against the best of the best, week after week, you need to go to a P5 conference where more than half your games are played against big name opponents with big time budgets. While the top mid-majors can schedule a difficult OOC schedule, they simply can't do anything about their conference schedule. Just like new recruits that have desired to play in the …… (put in your choice of P5 conference) all of their lives, many coaches are no different. In many coaches eyes, smaller programs are simply a stepping stone to getting a job at a larger program.

    KG left for a big increase in salary, to be closer to his kids (who lived in Oregon), to work for a school that would give him the resources to run the kind of program he wanted to run, and to coach in a P5 conference where he would be challenged essentially week after week in conference play.

    The vast majority of us would leap at the opportunity to more than double our salary and be closer to our kids, let alone the other benefits and still live in the NW. Why some people hold KG to a standard that they themselves would not meet is beyond me, but such is the life of a sports fan.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kyle dixon View Post
    Graves is a great coach. 3 draft picks amongst first 8 picks goes to show that he developed his players. He had a helluva year with one of the best players in NCAA history. Ionescu can play, er no?

    If you watch Sabrina interviewed, she credits KG with her development. I hate when people take shots at Kelly. He built our program from the ground up. We were nothing until he came to Spokane. Let’s not forget this. Again, once a zag, always a zag.
    Yeah but you know what is so crazy about what he did. Not what had happened but what he is continuing to do. Have you seen what he is bringing in for next year?

    I knew it was good but this is crazy.

    All five are McDonalds All Americans, all five are Gatorade players in their respective state. He has recruited from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, California, New Jersey. Even UCONN has not done that well nationally.

    Final rankings by ESPN lists all 5 Oregon Ducks women's basketball recruits as top 25 players nationally. And that is not mentioning a transfer 6ft 7in Sedonia Prince so he actually has six McDonald all Americans in tow.

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    Okay... first off, I like KG and I understand why he moved.

    If I have a beef... it is with Nike O.

    Awhile back I heard from a good source that the U of WA. was pulling the plug on Nike because they were tired of supporting a company that was funding one of their opponents. And I thought that was a great move. To me, Nike O has taken advantage of the recruitment world with their offerings of the latest fashion in the athletic world.
    I remember KG saying that the team had eight different uniforms and that the team was allowed to design their team shoes.

    Now if I am a 17 year old athlete and Nike O offers me a scholarship with all the latest bling... well...
    Just may be part of why KG ended up with the recruits that he did... just saying.

    I think its about time to have a look at college funding and support if you are trying to keep the field level and fair.

    Next... Go Zags!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZagDad84 View Post
    Well, if my memory serves correctly, I think he has a transfer or two coming in plus he has five (5), 5-star recruits (all ranked in the top-22 by Hoopgurlz Recruiting Ratings). Not to shabby, but we will see if he can get the team to gel next year.

    Kind of harsh on ND don't you think. Yes this year was terrible, but they played in last years NCAA championship game and won the championship the year before, so it really has not been "a while" since we have heard from ND.

    Zagdad, I know people hate links regarding other teams but your memory serves you correctly.

    Six McDonald All Americans if you count 6ft-7in Texas transfer Sedonia Prince plus other returning players and Saballys sister Nyra.

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