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Thread: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hibernation time is over.

    Ok board, we are all locked down, so we should have some time to participate in this one.

    On the Wbb twitter page and Wbb facebook page (posted April 8th), the Lady Zags posted a video titled "We are working on some new skills, but we all LOVE to share the ball.

    In watching the video, there is at least one participant who is not a current member of the lady zags, some lady zags I could not identify and even with the hair part information I could not tell the Wirths or Truongs apart from one another.

    Watch the video and let's fill out the participant list and see if we can identify all of the participants:

    The video starts out with EH - JL - Coach Clinesmith, Truong Twin (which one?) - Is this GB on the Trampoline?? - JW?? - JT - Coach Green - LW (?) with the soccer moves - Yvonne Ejim (?) with the ball sailing over her head - LF(?) jumping into the pool - CW - KG - Shannon Donegan - MK(?) - KC ducking as the ball flies over her head - Truong Twin (which one?) - AV & finally the fearless leader CLF.

    Get that cup of coffee and let's complete the puzzle. I will even provide you the twitter and facebook links.

    Lady Zag Twitter link:
    Lady Zag Facebook link:
    CLF Twitter link:

    For a little bonus, if you go to CLF's twitter page, there is a 4 minute interview with the WCC's Andy Katz about this year's Lady Zag team and some about next year's team. The interview was posted April 15.

    Have fun Lady Zag Fans,


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    Wake me up when Gonzaga Basketball season starts.

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    With the ball sailing over her head was perhaps A'jaee Foster.

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    Here's my list. Its all 2019-2020 players and the Coaching Staff.

    1 - EH - Juggling
    2 - JL - In the street
    3 - CSC - In front of the porch
    4 - K-11 - In Houston. (A guess on my part based on smile)
    5 - LF - With the orange top
    6 - CCF - In his Cul-De-Sac in Spokane
    7 - JW - Based on her hair parted slightly right of center
    8 - JT - In Okanogan
    9 - CJG - I assume in his back yard in Spokane
    10 - LW - She tried to fool us by parting her hair in two locations
    11 - A'Jaee Foster - Video Coordinator
    12 - GB - In Arizona for sure. No one jumps in a pool in April in Spokane
    13 - CW - Probably down in Oregon
    14 - KG - With her dog
    15 - Shannon Donegan - Director of Operations
    16 - MK - In Post Falls
    17 - KC - in Spokane
    18 - K-14 - In Houston. (A guess on my part based on smile)
    19 - AV - Not sure of location. Could it be Romania?
    20 - CLF - In her Cul-De-Sac in front of their house


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    I second Zagineer...

    Fun Video that took some team work...

    Go Zags!!

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