"As information gathering on draft-eligible prospects remains limited during the coronavirus pandemic, many NBA teams are united in hopes of encouraging the league office to push the date of the draft from June 25 to no sooner than Aug. 1, sources told ESPN."

"Multiple top team executives expressed to ESPN their belief that shifting the draft date would give organizations more time to salvage the essential elements of the pre-draft process, possibly allowing for in-person workouts, interviews and medical evaluations of prospects that current social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines make impossible.

An Aug. 1 date would be flexible, based on whether the league restarts and advances the regular season and playoffs through the summer. In that case, most envision a September draft and free-agency period based on a season that concludes around Labor Day weekend."

The European basketball leagues have all cancelled the remainder of this season and its very shaky that they will resume any games in 2020. The Europeans are talking about cancelling the 2020-2021 year right now so if you jump to the NBA draft and aren't selected you risk not playing anywhere plus there will be more competition from seasoned Euro players who will compete against younger projects.

Gonzaga's orientation for new students starts on August 18-20th and although we have had players join a week or two after school starts the decisions by players as to whether to jump in the NBA draft this year is risky at best unless you are a guaranteed 1st round pick.

It will be very interesting to see someone take a chance like Norvell did last year and jump and if they don't make a decision within the next week they risk damaging Gonzaga's season next year.

Will be interesting to watch although I don't see any Gonzaga players jumping for the NBA draft this year given the environment but it wouldn't be the first time I would be wrong.