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Thread: OT - Big News in NCAA D-1 Wbb Coaching Ranks

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    Default OT - Big News in NCAA D-1 Wbb Coaching Ranks

    Per ESPN,

    Vic Schaefer leaves Mississippi State to be Texas women's coach
    Mechelle Voepel
    Apr 5, 2020

    Vic Schaefer is the new women's basketball coach at Texas, after spending the past eight seasons building a powerhouse at Mississippi State.

    "I certainly feel really fortunate and just truly humbled to be entrusted with the opportunity to build on the years of success and help lead the Longhorns back where they belong -- among the nation's elite," Schaefer said in a statement.

    Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte first broke the news in a tweet on Sunday of Schaefer and his family giving the "Hook 'em Horns" sign with the words, "Guess who's coming to the Forty" referencing Texas' nickname as the Forty Acres.

    Schaefer, a Texas native, graduated from Texas A&M and spent nine years as associate head coach there under coach Gary Blair. He was a member of the Aggies' staff when they won the national championship in 2011.

    He took over as head coach of Mississippi State in 2012 and led the Bulldogs to the national championship game in 2017 and 2018, losing both times.

    Schaefer replaces Karen Aston, who was 184-83 at Texas. Del Conte announced Friday that her contract, which expires in August, would not be renewed.

    "In looking for a new head women's basketball coach, there was one name that continuously came up as the perfect fit for The University of Texas, and that was Vic Schaefer," Del Conte said in a statement Sunday. "He's a coach who knows the state of Texas and the national women's college basketball landscape extremely well."

    Over the past five seasons, Mississippi State is third in overall victory total with 159, following UConn's 174 and Baylor's 167. Mississippi State was 6-6 in the NCAA tournament before Schaefer took over. He went 16-5 in five NCAA tournament appearances.

    Schaefer will be the first male head coach to lead the Longhorns program since Page in the 1970s. Texas now has only two women head coaches (swimming and diving and soccer) across its athletic program.
    Now an available coaching opening at a Top-5 program at Mississippi State.

    Karen Aston, who was 184-83 in eight years at Texas and made the NCAA tournament 6 out of 8 years playing in the Big-12 and it was not good enough to get her contract renewed. Tough to be a coach at a place like Texas.


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    This is kinda like Warlick at Tennessee. The W-L record looks good without context. Both programs draw a lot of talent and had been underachieving with that talent for a significant length of time. Neither had been competing for conference or National Championships. If that is the goal, status quo isn't good enough. I would expect Schaefer to quickly have Texas in much better standing than Aston did.

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