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Thread: Who’s going to be this years break out player????

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    Default Who’s going to be this years break out player????

    What does everyone think? JT had a great sophomore year. But we can all agree she took it to another level last year.

    So who could do that this year? I have read a lot about LF on this board, And most of us think she deserves more minutes. Does that mean she will have a break out year?

    I believe it will be MK, she like JT had a good sophomore year and is improving. Her biggest hurdle is that she has 2 really good players in front of her that she has to fight to get minutes from.

    The best opportunity is KT11 at the point. I think that’s her position to lose. If she excels she could really excel.

    My dark horse is CW. We don’t know a lot about her, just what we have heard and read. If she is as good as we hear, it could be a real good year for her.


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    Thanks for starting the thread Bigfooot.

    Historically, the biggest leap in performance is between a player's first and second years, but it really depends on the amount of playing time each player had the year before and what they are getting this year. Since we are going to have a really, really large team, the amount of playing time (PT) that any player, particularly a non-starter and/or a freshman, is going to get is very difficult to determine.

    Here are the areas of improvement or areas of expertise I hope are being worked on during this off-season for each player:

    JW - Showed team leadership capabilities during last season and at times was the "go to" person on the team. Occasionally, disappeared for parts of a game. Improvements I would like to see are a little more aggressive play, particularly in rebounding, and for JW to stop putting the ball on the floor when she is in the key. You do not need to dribble or put the ball down where the "short" guards can knock it out of your hands. Just take it to the hoop.

    LW - Was a defensive force inside last season, but was somewhat inconsistent on the offensive side of the ball. Would like to see LW be a little more offensive minded and she needs to stay on the court. Occasionally picked up some ticky-tack fouls which, at times, limited her time on the court. If you are not on the court, you can't help the team. LW needs to reduce the number of ticky-tack fouls she picks up, so her time on the court is not dictated by a fouling issue.

    JT - Leading scorer on the team and POY for the WCC. Offense was, at times, was inconsistent. Very aggressive and at times picked up silly fouls which, like LW, occasionally limited her time on the court. We saw several games this year when JT fouled out at the end of the game, and we could have used her on the court. For this year I would like to see JT, become more consistant on the offensive side of the ball and reduce the number of silly, fouls she picks up so her time on the court is not dictated by foul trouble.

    K11 - Showed great promise as a freshman. As the season progressed, she became more comfortable with running the offense and playing the #2 guard. I want to see K11 continue to grow and take the ball to the hoop more forcing the defense respond to her drives. Push the pace, force the defense to run down the court which will pay dividends against shorthanded teams in the 4th quarter. I would like to see K11 improve her outside shooting a few percentage points to make her more of a 3-point threat. As with all guards, value each possession as one possession can determine the game.

    K14 - Did not get as much PT as her sister so she needs more PT to become more comfortable running the offense and getting more accustomed to the speed of the game. Had a very good year at shooting the 3, but was hesitant to take the 3 (understandable, don't want CLF to pull you). Needs to become more comfortable taking the 3 when you have an open shot, don't hesitate. Like her sister, needs to value each possession and reduce the number of turnovers.

    CW - Was a great team leader from the bench. Always leading the cheers, greeting the players when they came off the court. CLF noted that CW made sure the girls did not let up during practice even though she was not going to play on game day. Excellent attitude. Look for CW to become one of the team leaders both on and off the court. Want to see CW demonstrate that senior leadership on the court. Need CW to comfortably push the pace coming up the court, drive to the hoop to force the defense to play on their heals, hit the open jumper (3 or from the elbow) when open. We had very few shot clock violations last year, it will be up to CW this year to keep that type of heads-up play going on. I think we will see big things from CW this year.

    MK - Showed great improvement on the defensive side of the ball. Played much taller than her actually height. Very aggressive on the defensive side of the ball without picking up ticky-tack fouls. CLF says she can hit all of the offensive shots, so I would like to see MK become more aggressive on the offensive side of the ball and take it to the hoop. Make the other team have to cover MK when we have the ball. I want to see MK become a force inside on both ends of the court.

    LF - Showed significant improvement on the defensive side of the ball. LF was much more free with taking her offensive shots but it resulted in her offensive numbers (% wise) going down this year. I want to see LF continue to take her shots when open, but I want to see the percentage of shots made go back up to where they were after her sophomore year.

    AV - Anna showed improvement particularly on the defensive side of the ball. I think AV is having some trouble adjusting to the speed and physicality of D-1 ball. Only more court time will show if she can become a dominating player or will remain a bit player. I would like AV to be more aggressive on both sides of the ball. When the situation presents itself, she has shown that she can take it to the hoop. I want to see AV take the next step in her progression to being a more physical presence in the key on both sides of the ball.

    GB - In her limited time on the court, Gillian was more aggressive on both sides of the ball even looking for her shots on the offensive side of the ball. I hope that GB will continue to grow on the court and enjoy her time on the court. GB will likely remain a bit player for her senior year, but hopefully she will have a senior year to remember.

    KG - KG has been injured both of her 2 seasons at Gonzaga. CLF said the coaching staff was going make some changes to help KG stay healthy. I would expect that CLF will play KG more at the #2 than at the #3 to help protect her shoulder. If KG can stay healthy, look for her to play very similar to Sam Simon from St. Mary's. This will give us a tall (6'2") player on the perimeter who hopefully can make the outside shot or take it to the hoop. I have great hope that KG will finally get her chance to shine.

    EH - While EH did not get much time on the court, she showed flashes of the physicality on the inside and passing ability of our past Australian bigs. We have not seen much of EH on the offensive side ball. I think that EH will give us important relief minutes at the #4 and #5 and provide some physicality in the middle. Looking forward to seeing EH in the Zag colors this season.

    McW - McKayla Williams comes to Gonzaga with high expectations and brings some added height to the wing position. I want to see McW to get some minutes and the opportunity to shine as a freshman. As with all incoming freshman, how she handles the added speed and physicality of D-1 ball and the longer basketball season will determine how many minutes she will see off the bench. I expect we will see enormous promise from McK this season.

    YE - Yvonne brings some more Canadian hope and skill to the Lady Zags. As with all incoming freshman, how she handles the added speed and physicality of D-1 ball and the longer basketball season will determine how many minutes she will see off the bench. I am hoping YE brings a little more phyicality to the frontcourt and makes moving her around the key a chore. Playing Time at the #4 and #5 may be difficult to come by but after JW, LW and MK, I think playing time will be open to whoever plays better between LF, AV, EH and YE. Whoever earns the PT will have earned it. Looking for good this from North Alberta.

    LS - Lily brings a bit of Australian flair to the backcourt. We have a relatively deep backcourt and it would not surprise me to see LS redshirt. However, with another freshman PG coming to the team in 2020-2021 she may want the year of experience. I hope we do not "have" to play LS but can choose to play her when the time is right, bringing her up to speed and experience. Hopefully, she can give us 4-6+ minutes a game of great relief for the backcourt as she adjusts to the speed and tempo of D-1 basketball.

    I think the overall senior presence and performance that CW will provide will surprise a lot of people. I think that McK will dazzle Zagland and I am expecting breakout years for both KG and EH. IMO, LF and AV will need to show significant improvement or they may lose some of their minutes to McK, KG and EH.


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    There are only a couple of players that I feel have not played at the level expected and would be set for a breakout year... AV and LF. Both are capable of having a breakout year. It would be great if they both have a year... not only for themselves but for the team. As always, GU WBB plays team ball and expects the bench to play as well as the starters... next year will be no different. And while there are some outstanding FR coming in, a year of getting familiar with D-1 ball would be nice without a need.
    There have been years where a senior does not start... but plays a big part coming off the bench. I see that out of LF. As for AV, she will be Coach Craig’s challenge... to get her to understand the does and don’t. She could be a force in the next two years.

    Hope we will enjoy a full season with this great team.

    Go Zags!

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