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    I just wanted to welcome all 3 of the trio to GU now that the last one signed. So excited for this group and what will be accomplished for the next 1-4 years. I believe this group will lead us into unchartered waters as a program. They all seem like kids of high character as well! Canít wait for this fall!!

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    ditto! Welcome Dominick, Julian and Jalen. Can’t wait!!!

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    Welcome to the Zag Family!!

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    I can now officially be excited, although I have been looking forward to next year since the off-season last year (no offense to the 2019-20 guys, who were great). They will add so much to an ensemble that already has a very good nucleus. They can all come in a contribute without trying to do too much. If you throw in Watson because of his shortened year, and redshirt Ballo you have a quintet of superb new talent.

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