While this is sort of about Dickau it's just about life and sort of what we're going through now. I found it moving.

Canzano: Remembering a doctor, an NBA basket, and a dying wish

I woke up thinking about an email from a reader I received nearly 14 years ago.

Jeffrey Werner, a cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente, wanted to know if I might ask Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan when reserve guard Dan Dickau might next play in a game. It was an unusual request. But Werner had already bought tickets to a couple of games in late 2006 and watched in frustration as Dickau sat on the bench.
Werner died the following year. I woke today thinking about his initial email. It was sent so long ago that it was delivered to an AOL address. We’re on new ground these days. Businesses are closed. Schools are shut down. We’re being directed to stay home and stay safe. It occurred to me this week that most of us probably can’t even remember what we were worried about two weeks ago.

It wasn’t just Dickau’s shot that I woke thinking about. Or even Werner crossing it off his bucket list. My thoughts drifted to what happened in the minutes after Dickau’s shot.