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Thread: BPI Projects How the 2020 Women's NCAA Tournament Could Have Played Out

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    Default BPI Projects How the 2020 Women's NCAA Tournament Could Have Played Out

    From ESPNW:

    BPI projects how the 2020 women's NCAA tournament could have played out
    7:45 AM PT
    Charlie Creme

    In a year in which no women's college basketball team was crowned a champion due to the cancellation of the NCAA tournament, backyard fantasies are all any of us have. And that's why we decided to simulate the 2020 women's NCAA tournament, based on my final bracket projection and ESPN's Basketball Power Index (BPI).

    The pre-tournament favorites included the usual suspects. Despite not being the No. 1 overall seed, Oregon was the overwhelming choice to capture its first title and send off Sabrina Ionescu with the storybook ending she envisioned 49 weeks ago. Here are the championship probabilities heading into our simulated tourney.

    Oregon: 29.4%
    Baylor: 19.3%
    South Carolina: 19.1%
    Maryland: 7.9%
    UConn: 7.7%
    Louisville: 6.0%
    Stanford: 2.6%
    Mississippi State: 2.1%
    NC State: 1.9%

    But here's the thing about a one-time simulation: It's just as one-and-done as the real thing. Bethune-Cookman might have only a 1-in-100 chance to beat Louisville, but if that one simulation says it happened, then that is the path this bracket follows.

    The computers can give us probabilities, odds and this entire simulation, but what it can't do is provide the narrative that is such a part of March. That is where the rest of the fun starts, and where we get to take some liberties with the details as we advance through the bracket.
    So how does Gonzaga fare in this simulation, you are going to have to click on the link to find out:

    Do you agree with the BPI Simulation??


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    This simulation is an outrage! South Carolina should be declared National Champions. Just ask Coach Staley, she'll tell you. She's been begging for that for the last 2 weeks.

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