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Thread: Virtual March Madness Game @ 9:30- #1 Gonzaga vs #16 Sienna

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    Default Virtual March Madness Game @ 9:30- #1 Gonzaga vs #16 Sienna

    Looks like someone made a virtual March Madness with current rosters that they are letting College Basketball 2k8 Simulate.

    Gonzaga vs Sienna in the opening round at 9:30pm tonight.

    Might be a fun diversion!

    Gonzaga (-17.5) O/U 169

    Further info on this.

    Hello, friends.

    As you're all likely now aware, due to coronavirus, the best month of the year just became a bit less mad. In the interest of player and public health, all postseason college basketball games have been cancelled, including those of the NCAA Tournament. Our thoughts go out to all outgoing NCAA players, all who had set aside time and money to participate in postseason activities, and, most importantly, to anyone directly affected by the virus. For up-to-date information on the ongoing effort to fight this pandemic, please visit the CDC and WHO websites.

    We're all left bereft by this news. We've watched our teams triumph and fail through 30-odd games this season. In a year of college basketball chaos, we saw teams from Kansas to San Diego State and Dayton with real shots at a #1 seed. Virginia locked up a tournament appearance with the worst offense an at-large had ever seen. Kentucky lost to Evansville. Until now, it had been a wild ride.

    And you know what we say to that ride? We're not leaving.

    Welcome to r/CollegeBasketball's One Shining Tournament!

    That's right, we're not throwing in the towel on one of the greatest seasons in recent college basketball history, and neither are you. Between quarantines and social distancing, a lot of us have some time on our hands. Let's use it to make the biggest virtual college basketball tournament the world's ever seen.

    Over the next few weeks, we will be streaming a full 68-team AI-decided NCAA Tournament on College Hoops 2K8. As of tomorrow, we're re-instating user flair for the 68 tournament teams. We're scheduling game threads. If it happens during normal March Madness, it's still game. And if your team wins this, it's getting the header logo for the rest of the offseason.

    How will you select teams?

    The Selection Committee may yet surprise us with a Selection Sunday reveal, but otherwise we'll need to make our best guess at a bracket. Luckily, the fine folks at Bracket Matrix have been tracking bracketologists for years. Unless we get word that an official bracket is going to be released, we'll rely on the most recent bracket from Bracketville, their #1 rated prognosticator, which means: congratulations to your 2020 NCAA #1 Seeds: Kansas, Gonzaga, Baylor, and Dayton!

    Why College Hoops 2K8? Why not 2K10, or NBA 2K20?

    Because College Hoops 2K8 is the perfect game.

    Also because Bracketville set Northern Kentucky, who joined D1 in 2016, as a 15 seed. College Hoops 2K10, which came out before 2016, doesn't have a team creator. College Hoops 2K8 does. We don't write the rules.* We also considered 2K20, but opted in favor of 2K8 mostly to ensure we can get this up and running within a reasonable timeframe.

    How will you choose a winner?

    Once the teams and schedule have been finalized, we'll set each game as an AI matchup, and the winning teams will advance.

    Where can I find a schedule?
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