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    With plenty of time to think on my travels and lay-overs coming home from LV, I got a chance to think (a very dangerous thing I realize) about this board for a little bit.

    While I realize that maybe my posts don't reflect it, IRL I am really pretty moderate in all things, only leaning a little bit on either side of the middle on the vast majority of topics. On a few of the more "hot button" topics I might venture a little further off the middle than normal. Thankfully, since I work for myself, I am not always required to be PC, and occasionally my fingers move a little faster than my brain and I do get a little out of line. Thankfully, when I step out of bounds with something I post, posters like Skip and SeaCat have been there to bring me back in line.

    Like most people on this board, with my many (many) years as a professional, I have been very lucky to have friends who have tended to land much farther on either side of the middle than I do. However, with a very special few of these friends, I have had the opportunity to spend long lunches, after work Tapas, and the occasional beer discussing all those things that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.

    What I have found, is that you cannot have "too" much information on a topic. Another set of eyes looking at the same data, somebody else who looks at the same scenario from a different point of view, somebody who brings up some points that you may not have considered, etc. Becoming more knowledgeable on a topic, is not a bad thing. It does not mean that I am wrong, it does not mean your friend is right, it does not mean that I will change my mind (if we disagree). But, if it makes you go back and take a second look at your analysis, opinion, results, etc. to verify your position, IMO is a very good thing.

    We have some posters that,when looking out in their backyard, only see rose colored sunsets (and/or sunrises) and grazing unicorns (with GU logo'd saddles). We have ZAB who goes from "the sky is falling" to "utter euphoria" in the span of 1-1/2 game minutes and a couple of posts and then back again. We have posters, who support other WCC teams but grace us by visiting our board and giving us their unbiased opinions on our Lady Zag team and the WCC issues. We have non-WCC supporters who come to discuss women's basketball and women's sports in general, freely sharing their knowledge with the board. We have posters who are very clinical in their analysis and perhaps too wordy and other posters who, it appears, pay for every word of their post because their posts rarely exceed 4 or 5 words. We even have a poster, who has occasionally migrated to the Wbb side from the Mbb side who I don't honestly recall if he has ever posted a positive word about the Lady Zag Wbb team or a positive comment on any post within the Zag Wbb forum, but he is here with the occasional post. A wide selection of individuals for sure with an equally wide variety of opinions that we rarely, if ever, will agree on.

    I was reading one of my motorcycle magazines and the editorial by the editor-in-chief (EIC) I found very applicable to this board. The EIC was noting that it was his job to review, in detail, the motorcycles he was to test. He entered into each test as clinical as possible to fairly evaluate the bike against some perfect standard. As we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect motorcycle (or basketball team) that performs every task equally well, there are always some compromises. Just like in basketball, their is no perfect game, there are always something(s) that needs to be worked on. What the EIC found when he took his testing hat off and put on his everyday riding helmet, was that he could love the bikes he was testing (or owned) imperfections and all.

    So, how does this tidbit of knowledge apply to this board and the posters who do and do not (non-posters??) post? There have been a few posts recently were some posters have clearly "name-called out other posters (faux fans, so called aficionado, etc.) because they decidedly did not agree with the other posters point of view. While this behavior is frequent on the Mbb side, it is rare on this side of the forum. You can debate the issue or point of view as ardently as you wish without degrading into middle school name calling. Everybody has something to offer the board (the vast majority anyway) and all points should be equally welcome by our posters. If we were not fans, and dedicated fans of the Lady Zags, we would not be here reading this board and we certainly would not waste our time posting.

    I really would hate to see this side of the forum migrate to the name calling, mud-slinging, failure to acknowledge the validity of other posters opinions that would require the moderators to lock or delete a thread on the Wbb side of this forum. People, we are better than this. Just because we posters have different methods of posting, does not mean that they love our lady zags (university, team and staff) any less than any other poster.

    Play nice fellow posters and take care of yourselves in this time of need,


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    We will try, ZD. We all hope, assume would be a better word, that the on-going international health crisis -- some may disagree and I'll gratefully take their views into account -- invites a universally renewed perspective. When the sport's page in our lives essentially folds, what happens to those of us who are used to spending hours each day immersed in the world of competition, of rivalries, to the partisanship as fans in the GAMES themselves. Talking here about our grandchildren's soccer, our nephew's little league, our own geezerleague ballgames, and, of course, living and dying (a little) as each unique story of Gonzaga boy's and girl's basketball seasons (yes, the majority of those on the teams are late teens-barely able to vote) unfolds.

    My hope is that on this board we move toward adopting the phrase that one of the posters on the men's side has adopted as a meme: Basketball: The Toy Department of Life. If I've offended posters here on the women's board this past season, believe me, no personal slights were ever intended. My criticism of the team came from the Geno Auriamma school of coaching: "C'mon, you know you're better than that!" Look forward next season to a refocused appreciation, a renewal of every good thing the Zags, both women and men, have provided last season and, in fact, in every one of the record breaking seasons this century.

    Would wish now that everyone is in a safe and caring place.

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