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    Back in 1803 Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of The United States by purchasing 800,000 square miles of land from the French It was called the Louisiana purchase and some call it the best real estate deal of the millennium. New Orleans was of course a part of this deal and that alone, in my mind, was worth the purchase price.

    After the WCC Championship game in the Orleans arena, literally thousands of Zag fans exited through the casino at the Orleans hotel. A rough estimate of the path would be about fifteen feet wide and two football fields long. Naturally people were buzzing and it had an electricity all it's own even with all the neon slot machines making their sounds stealing cash from the folks who didn't care about basketball.

    With all of that going on there was this brightness, a glow really, up ahead. You could see a magnificent smile on a very large human being, holding a beer in one hand and mopping his bald head with a towel in his other hand. The pure joy on Rob Sacre's face was transforming the place to another level. I'm not one to be star struck, but I found myself stopping and completely mesmerized by this guy as he was talking to Zag Nation. I had a short conversation with him and my son snapped a photo of the two of us. If you look at the photo you would think that the two of us had just played and won our own championship.

    Remember the Louisiana Purchase? Remember, we were in the Orleans and Mr. Sacre, a Frenchman, owned that place and he didn't spend a dime.

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    Great little story. Just as a curiosity is there a reason that we can no longer post pics? Probably because of potential viruses? I have a cherished photo of myself and Domantis Sabonis at PF Changs in downtown Spokane. I was reluctant in asking but my mother in law just blurted out to have one of the guys take a pic with me. I didn't want to bother them and I was embarrassed but DS just got up to make me feel at ease and said he would be glad to do it. Wiltjer, karno (limping) and the rest all remained seated and asked me to take a group picture. I obliged of course. This was the 15/16 squad. It was March 10th and they were leaving the next day for the first round. I believe that was Zag team that lost in S16 to Syracuse.

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