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Thread: The Lost Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDABE80 View Post
    Hardly a lost season. No 1 seed and ranked 2 but led the entire nation in offense. We kicked ass . And the Nation knows it. !! And we’ll do it again in 8 months or so! With The new 3 guards, and with the returnees, expect to be No1 Come Sept!
    Well said.

    This team Imo will go down as one of the most could argue the most unselfish GU team EVER....and that saying put that many new fellas together..injuries to key players..yet these fellas got it done....and became the first team in NCAA HISTORY to string 4, 30 wins together. Just an incrediblde player/coacing performance...Imo, Few's BEST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kong-Kool-Aid View Post
    We ended the season with a win, what's the last time Gonzaga could say that?
    true enough
    true also for one half of all D1 teams, a little more than 35 of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Section 116 View Post
    Thanks for link to this. We can do nothing else but move on as best we can.
    "Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand."
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMADEYOUREADTHIS View Post
    Tillie telling the other 67 teams "You'll have to guard everybody so good Luck with that!" when answering Andy Katz's question on what opposing teams will be facing in the NCAA tournament.
    Man I just love that kid!

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    Great season, and yes, lost in many ways.

    We sometimes take for granted what we have. Losing a post season shot with a Final 4/NC contender is brutal for anyone, but moreso for a Gonzaga, whose brand is built on winning in March.

    Also, the WCC was going to get three teams in, building notoriety and revenue.

    No league was hurt more by the lost postseason.
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    Today would be gameday for Gonzaga. This is what Spokane Arena will be instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tummydoc View Post
    One of my favorite memories was watching BYU clutch defeat from the jaws of victory against SMC in their final game. Jordan Ford still seems suspended in mid air as he thrusts the final dagger into the cougars as 3000 zags cheer him on.
    One of your favorite moments of the season was a game that didn't involve Gonzaga? In a season where we lost 2 games? Thats honestly kind of sad.

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