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  • Gilder, Jr.

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  • Tillie

    43 43.00%
  • Petrusev

    1 1.00%
  • Woolridge

    6 6.00%
  • Ayayi

    49 49.00%
  • Timme

    1 1.00%
  • Kispert

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Thread: The BZ Bulldog of the Game: WCC Semi-Final ( USF ) 3. 9. 20

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    - went with tillie
    - blown away that wooly only has 3 votes, he was really my co gu player of the game.

    - i know i want ayayi at the free throw line at crunch time, he has the smoothest stroke, all net.

    - interesting that in crunch time, wcc player of the year is on the bench. match ups.

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    I’m not sure any one person deserves this vote. I feel like we did a lot of good things on the court and a lot of things that frustrated me. Nobody was anywhere near consistent in this game at all. Just glad to get the win.
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    Had to go with Tillie... Seemed like anytime during the game that GU needed a basket, he delivered. Down low, baby hooks, a side-step 3 late in the game. While it wasn't his best game of the year, he was the most consistent from beginning to end.

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    could have been ryan or joel, but joels stats tipped it for Ayayi for me

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    It's pretty cool that about 100 people voted. I think that's a record. The 3 guys getting votes really did have good games last night. And it was good to see them all play so well down the stretch. Honestly, these kinds of games are good for Gonzaga because from now on, most games will be close. We are so used to seeing Gonzaga win by 20 or more points that when they do have these close games it's just so intense. It was good to see that we can close out close games, and we can shoot good at the foul line if we get the ball to the right people. I felt it was good coaching by Few to take Petrusev out at the end of the game. He wasn't having a good offensive game, and honestly Timme is better on defense.

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    Looking at the game overall, I voted for Tillie. So versatile, several key buckets and boards.
    Having said that, without Ayayi's late game burst, we likely lose.
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