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Thanks Bogo, much appreciated. The amount of debt they have poured on undereducated, underprepared grads is an abomination. The fact that many mainstream, legitimate schools have done the same in no way gets GCU off the hook. They have a role, but they’re not a college. Allowing them into the WCC would be a terrible mistake.

November 13, 2019
The U.S. Department of Education last week told Grand Canyon University that it had determined that the university remains a for-profit institution. The decision surprised many in higher education and could be relevant to other for-profits that are seeking to change their tax status, as well as to colleges that outsource the administration of online programs to outside companies.

Grand Canyon last year announced that it had received approval from a state regulatory agency in Arizona and its regional accreditor to convert to a nonprofit university. The university's publicly traded owner, Grand Canyon Education, sold the campus and academic operations for $870 million to the new, nonprofit Grand Canyon University. Under a 15-year contract, Grand Canyon Education provides a wide range of outsourced support services to the university in exchange for 60 percent of its tuition and revenue.

The Christian university enrolls roughly 105,000 students, more than 20,000 at its campus in Phoenix.
The department on Tuesday released its 18-page letter to Grand Canyon on the decision. It also released a written statement, noting that the call was based on the structure of the relationship between the university and Grand Canyon Education.
So if they go with a 30 year note and 40% of the money, it should be fine.

We could actually do with more schools being profitable rather than suckling on the taxpayer's teat.