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Thread: Tickets Still Available for WCC Tournament on Event Website!

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    Default Tickets Still Available for WCC Tournament on Event Website!

    Heads up to those looking for tickets...

    I decided to go to the WCC Tournament at the last minute, so I was looking for a detailed seating chart (showing seat numbers) to use in conjunction with Stub Hub, which I figured was my only option at this point for seats, other than buying at the venue from scalpers.

    In my search for a seating chart, I went to the Orleans Arena website, then to "Events" and to my surprise, there are tickets available in Sections 106 and 114. If you enlarge the section map, you can see the specific seats and prices. Assume these are face value, certainly a lot cheaper than Stubhub. Haven't been to the Orleans Arena before, but these seem to be decent seats.

    Join me to cheer for the Zags!

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    Orleans Arena Seating Chart:

    Scroll down for the basketball configuration. . .

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