Some would say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I say a group of "adults" need to look at themselves a get a dose of reality. This is a place where people actually ask to be buried in Kentucky warm ups and in Kentucky Wildcat coffins.

It's just a freaking game. Get a life.

Not only has the kid's twitter account been hijacked, I understand death threats have been involved. All because he's struggled the last half dozen games? Never mind that he continues to remain possibly the best perimeter defender in college basketball. Defense requires effort.

As we have seen Ohio State's D.J. Carton, who made the decision to take leave due to mental illness issues, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the pressure some of these kids are put under. They are not all Zion Williamson guys, standing to make $100+ million after their one and done experience. Hagans is an upperclassman projected to be a backend first rounder or early second rounder at best.

If I were a coach, I would be very tempted to demand upon signing a scholarship paper that a player must not create a social media account of any type. If you need to stay in contact with family and distant friends, that is what gmail is for. You must limit your use of the internet. I don't believe it's impossible in the "modern age."

The pros are different story. It is to my understanding that player agents often have people monitoring the social media accounts of their clients. They are brand names at that juncture, but they can afford to hire people to get rid of the bad guys.