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Thread: NCAA transfer proposal guide: What it means, what coaches and players are saying

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    Default NCAA transfer proposal guide: What it means, what coaches and players are saying

    Here is an article by ESPN which describes the new transfer protocol that the NCAA is considering, why they are considering it and what coach's, AD's and players think of the new transfer protocol.

    NCAA transfer proposal guide: What it means, what coaches and players are saying
    Tom VanHaaren
    ESPN Staff Writer

    The NCAA Division I transfer waiver working group is considering a concept that would allow athletes in all sports to transfer once without sitting out a year of competition. If adopted by the Division I council, the new waiver criteria would allow athletes in all sports to compete immediately if they are in good academic standing, not facing suspension at their original school. They would receive a release to transfer.

    "The current system is unsustainable. Working group members believe it's time to bring our transfer rules more in line with today's college landscape," said working group chair Jon Steinbrecher, commissioner of the Mid-American Conference. "This concept provides a uniform approach that is understandable, predictable and objective. Most importantly, it benefits students."

    "More than a third of all college students transfer at least once, and the Division I rule prohibiting immediate competition for students who play [one of] five sports [football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball and men's ice hockey] hasn't discouraged them from transferring," Steinbrecher said. "This dynamic has strained the waiver process, which was designed to handle extenuating and extraordinary circumstances."
    Entire Article can be found here along with thoughts by numerous coach's including former zag coach Kelly Graves:


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    not surprised that Graves wants the transfer rule.....he has millions backing him and with that he can entice many players.......$$$$ counts, especially when they start allowing players to "sell" themselves .....

    I don't like good kids having to sit out ....but there has to be some strict in, the number of transfers you entice has to be severely limited to maybe ONE a year....and if a college withdraws a certain number of scholarships an kicks players off their team to entice a transfer, then there has to some kind of restriction on that....`
    they are ruining college bb and soon it'll be just like the nba....professionals getting a paycheck....

    we got a good thing now.....but they're trying to ruin it.....

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    I can certainly see the potential problems with the proposal, but.....

    The waiver system has been an absolute disaster, horribly mismanaged and unevenly applied. Nobody, the schools, the NCAA compliance advisors, the ADs or the players had any idea if they would or would not get a waiver.

    This proposed system is used in all other collegiate sports except Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, Baseball, & Men's Hockey and it appears to be working. I think student athletes should not be treated any different from sport to sport. You get one free pass (assuming you meet the requirements) in your collegiate career. After the first transfer, then all other transfers are bound by the current rules and the waiver process should essentially be eliminated except in truly unusual cases.

    In Football and Men's Basketball particularly, it will require some significant penalties (huge fines, bans (long bans)) for interfering with students who have not been released from their current scholarships.

    You only have 4 years to build your resume, how much time do you need to sit on the bench to come to the conclusion that maybe another school would be a better choice? Maybe your not a good enough 5* to be a starter at Kentucky, but you could be an all-conference player at a Gonzaga. If the coaching staff changes, why should you not have the right to open your recruitment process, the coaching staff abandoned you first? If they keep the graduate transfer rule, then you could actually get two transfers without sitting a year as long as you complete your schooling.

    I see the one and done rule being eliminated by the NBA in the next couple of years, thus, the Zion's and RJ Barrett's of this world will not even be in college basketball as they will go directly to the NBA. While I think their will be some roster turnover, I think the direction of the turnovers could just as easily be from the P-5 conferences to the high, mid-majors as it is from the high mid-majors to the P-5 conferences. Yes, the highly developed, mid-major players may want to test themselves in the P-5 conferences, but you will also have the 5* players riding the pine at the P-5 schools who are just looking for an opportunity to get on the court and show what they can do.

    Asking a 17 or 18 year old kid to pick a school based on his knowledge and parental/coach/advisor that limits how he can change his mind after he has put some time in the school or the sports program, etc. is asking a lot from a young kid. Some kids flourish in a mega-sized, state school, while others would flounder in the student is a # school, but would flourish in the small, individualized classes offered at some mid-major schools. If the school and/or sports program is not a good fit, let the kid have the choice to get out early, but make your next choice carefully.

    Anyway, JMO.


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