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Thread: @BYU : Post game thoughts

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    I remember Bob Knight as a commentator some years back when he said "Sacre plays small, not like a big man". I agreed at the time. I see a similarity in that regard to Petro, he doesn't capitalize on his size above the rim enough. He's still a great player and when he is in beast mode he's really amazing.
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    I had this game circled as the one that I thought we would struggle in. That huge crowd on their senior night had them up and ready for the Zags. Some dirty play and one that should have been called a flagrant 1 that was missed didn't up end the Zags as much as they didn't bring along their A game and got bullied around the court most of the night. Probably what they should expect in just a frw short weeks once the big dance is in full swing. For as good as Petro has been all year long he played soft on Saturday night and maybe that shot to the kidney area affected him more then we know. But I do believe he needs to bring a tougher mind set on the defensive and offensive end of the court if this team is going to make it past the first weekend. Missed shots are just that and you better find a way to put the ball in the rim if the three's aren't dropping. I was surprised to not see Timmie in the game near the end since he was about the only player willing to bang with the opponents. It was his play that helped bring us back from a deficit and then he was gone for the rest of the game. I hope the Zags use these last to games at home to make a statement and especially on senior night against the gaels. Bring some defensive moxie to the court and a mental toughness as well. My guess is it will be BYU and the Zags in the WCC championship game and I hope this loss stings enough that it isn't soon forgotten. Let's send BYU home with a loss before the big dance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zag944 View Post
    . Crowd is huge, loud, and somehow scarier given the knowledge that they are acting like that while generally sober. They get mad about calls not because they are wrong, but because they were called on BYU. A restricted area call should be a pretty black and white thing...doesn’t matter. Our shots were off and the officials seemed intimidated. Kudos to them I guess, with the exception of the idiot(s) throwing things onto the floor. I think that game goes differently with less of an effort on their part.

    BYU crowd is an enigma to me. They have that Dukie arrogance yet none of the years and years of success as a hoops program to make it remotely understandable. Righteousness is scarier than arrogance and equally annoying.
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