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  • Kispert

    3 3.03%
  • Petrusev

    0 0%
  • Tillie

    88 88.89%
  • Woolridge

    8 8.08%
  • Gilder

    0 0%
  • Other ( and why. . .)

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Thread: BZ Bulldog of the Game - USF - 02. 20. 20 ?

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    I dang near picked Kispert thanks to that game ending three that helped cover the spread, but this one really came down to Tillie being Tillie and taking over a game. Great game for him and great 2nd half for the Zags!

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    Tillie Tillie !!
    “The true measure of a Jesuit education,” said former Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, “is not what our students do, but who they become.”

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    All the way with Tillie. Woolridge was great and to be honest, I did not notice his turnovers as much as I noticed the sloppy ball handling of Petrusev and
    Timme. SF has definitely shown all future opponents how to defend the Zags. Timme and Petro definitely have to be taken wide open shots from the
    free throw line. Even if they make them at 60%, that will not be bad. Otherwise, the middle will totally be clogged and if we face shot blockers like the front line of Seton Hall, we need to take those mid range shots.

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