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Thread: GAME THREAD: San Francisco @ GU - 2. 20. 20

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    Quote Originally Posted by bballbeachbum View Post
    no problem with the 3 from CK. if USF wants to play it out dfensively like they did at the end, fine
    Yup. I love that he buried it in Shabazz's face after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpn17 View Post
    Can't use the eye test in just one game, especially one of Gonzaga's worst offensive games of the season. I'm usually pretty impressed with how these guys move the ball around. Yeah they get sloppy sometimes, but they wear other teams out on offense most games.
    I mean collectively, over the season. Not a ton of snap to a lot of the passes. Joel seems to be the primary culprit (Gilder a bit less so).

    They kicked it up a notch in the second half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RenoZag View Post
    Time to put on the Zags hoody. . .
    Quote Originally Posted by Hoopaholic View Post
    Ahhh so it was your fault
    It only works against the Dons. . .

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