Last night I watched Mills drop 20 on the Thunder is a San Antonio win. I got curious about his NBA career ( he is now in his 11th season) and found this nugget. Who knew?

From Wiki:

"3 Goggles"

Mills (center) strikes a "3 Goggles" pose with two fans in 2011
During the 2010–11 season, the "3 Goggles" trend became popular in the NBA, whereby players fit themselves with "A-OK" hand-gesture goggles after they make a three-point basket during a game. Mills and teammate Rudy FernŠndez are credited with having started the trend. Mills and his teammates would poke fun at FernŠndez's struggles from beyond the three-point line, indicating he couldn't see very well. So when Fernandez started sinking three-point shots, they would make goggles with their hands over their eyes in tribute to his skill. From FernŠndez's perspective, when he started to make three-point shots, he would make the goggle gesture to show Mills his vision was OK.[26][27] T-shirts with the gesture were printed and popularly sold in Portland.[28]