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Thread: What Does the Loss of Katie Campbell Mean to the Lady Zags?

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    Default What Does the Loss of Katie Campbell Mean to the Lady Zags?

    What Does the Loss of Katie Campbell Mean to the Lady Zags?

    Here is the discussion of the issue by the writers of the "The Slipper Still Fits".

    For the second year in a row, a game against BYU has been extremely costly for the womenís team. This time around, Katie Campbell was lost for the season due to a knee injury. Sheís been a major piece all year long, and her absence was felt during Saturdayís loss to the Gaels. How will Lisa Fortier fill the void she leaves and how does her absence impact the teamís tournament hopes?

    Steven Karr: More minutes for Kaylynne Truong and Lou Forsyth off the bench. Kayleigh Truong is moving into the starting lineup, and sheís a decent enough scorer, but a true freshman and not consistent yet. The biggest impact will come on the defensive end and in leadership. Campbell is a menace on defense and neither Truong sister is there yet. They should still get a top 4 seed and play at home if they win out, but one more loss would put them in the 5-6 seed range, just like the end of last season.

    Peter Woodburn: Yeah, luckily the Zags are deep enough to more than absorb her absence on the offensive end. As Steven said, it is the defensive end that matters. Campbell was a tenacious defender on the perimeter, and her absence was rather notable in the loss to Saint Maryís yesterday. The Truong sisters are going to need to learn fast on the defensive end, because that all-important top four seed means so much in the NCAA Tournament. That is the difference between hosting the first two games in Spokane, which is just another positive factor for the women finally getting out of the second round for the first time since 2015.

    Either way around it, such a bummer for Campbell though. She was a great player to watch and itís just crushing to see that sort of injury happen to someone in their senior year.

    Keith Ybanez: Katie is a tough piece to lose, no matter how you look at it, and I feel awful for her. Thatís a terrible way to end your collegiate career. There are options for Lisa Fortier to fill in some of that lost production, as you guys mentioned, but now Iím skeptical that the womenís team can avoid another loss over the remainder of conference play, It seems more likely than not, at least to me, that they will lose the opportunity to host over the first weekend of the tournament. Thatís a bummer all around.

    Steven Karr: The one positive is that they just got through the hardest part of their schedule. They should be able to win out in the regular season, even without Campbell. Itís just a matter of winning the WCC tournament after that.
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    Louise is active enough. Keeps her feet moving, hands generally up, but, like Corey on the men's side, lacks the anticipatory instincts to play solid defense. Everything both of them do is in reaction to the offensive players' moves & they're generally a step behind. She has none of Katie's hand speed or instincts for a strategic reach-in & steal let alone cutting off passing lanes. The Truong twins are learning, but it looks like defense was not a priority for them in HS. Bottom line, Jill, nose broken or not, has to stick hers in the middle of the opposing offense's schemes, cheat when she can, look for opportunities to double-team the opponent's bigs, and free herself up for more treys on offense.

    Occasionally switching to a zone (beyond the half-court trap) might lessen the effects of Katie's loss, as well. Obviously, the Wirths must step up their in-the-post scoring to make up for KC's lost points. The thing is, on Saturday, even with SMC shooting llights out, GU wins the game if not for the abysmal first quarter. Expect we'll see lots of scoring in the 40s & 50s going forward. Firmly believe, though, that the Zags will be the team in the fifties.

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