Former Gonzaga great Marco Gonzalez, one of the best lefthanded pitchers ever to come out of the program, has reached a settlement with the Mariners on a $30 million dollar contract extension. The new deal calls for Marco to receive one million this year and then, after receiving a million dollar signing bonus, salaries of $5 mil in 2022, $6.5 mil in '23, and $12 million in '24, the year he would have been eligible for free agency. An option year in '25 would pay $15 mil with no buyout.

Marco lead the American League in starts last season with 34. He finished fifth in victories with 16 for a midlin' Mariners team. The only minus is that he's now likely locked into the American League for a while, where the DH rule, of course, is in effect. As you may remember, Marco was one of the best hitters on the team playing at GU, whether pitching or in the lineup in another position. Oh, and if he's traded, anytime from next season & beyond, he'll receive a $225,000 assignment bonus.

Another Zag enters the lore. Nicely played, Marco!