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Thread: Kansas v Kansas State brawl

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    Default Kansas v Kansas State brawl

    Do you think they had any recruits visiting during that game? Awkward.

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    wow just watched it several times. Let's see what spine Self has here

    I'm with Vitale on this one 100%

    “In 40 years I’m on TV, I haven’t seen anything like that, unless you go to the NBA and look at the Pistons brawl that took place in the Palace. I think there’s no doubt in my mind that De Sousa never, ever should put a uniform on again in college basketball. None. As Seth [Greenberg] said — and I couldn’t agree more — he’s holding a chair! I mean, that’s criminal. He’s going to hurt somebody.

    “I don’t want to hear any excuse that they stole the ball with time running out, should have never done such. Give me a break. That was ugly! Where were the coaches, the assistants keeping their team on the bench? That’s the first rule: One assistant should take charge and make sure that no one gets there. It is sickening. There’s no place in the game. That was almost criminal what De Sousa has done. I’ll be shocked if he ever wears a [Kansas] uniform again."

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    I have no commentary on the De Sousa incident, but I am against this idea that players should never be allowed to leave the bench to help a player who is in a dangerous situation. I once went to a juco game where the visiting team's shooting guard was fouled very hard by the opposing center on a fast break (which resulted in him being booted from the game). Fans from the home crowd immediately started kicking the guard and taunting him. Security (and there wasn't much of it - it was a juco game) were nowhere to be found, and some 60+ year old men dressed like zebras were not strong or tough enough to stop the brutality that was taking place. Logically enough, some players from the road team left the bench to help out their fallen teammate. I don't believe in black and white rules. The kids who left the bench only had one objective: get their fallen teammate back to their bench. They didn't punch anyone or anything. They just got their guy out of an extremely hazardous situation. I credit the refs who didn't eject anyone of the players who left the bench that night. They were, in effect, assisting the refs and acting as security who were late in arriving. Again, every situation should be judged as its own situation. No 60 year old man is going to stop a 7 foot, 250 pound center from kicking the butt of a 6-3, 168 pound shooting guard while he's on the ground in a vulnerable situation. Punishing players who leave the bench in a situation like that because "that is what the rule says" is ridiculous.

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