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Thread: Biggest surprises for you about this year's team

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    1. ravet leaving team..........nobody saw that come
    2. level of play from woolridge, best point guard grad transfer we have seen, and we have seen a large handful of them the past 8 years
    3. ayayi blossoming, his euro play gave us hopes, but his translation to few-ball has been a wonderful revelation
    4. last but not least..........the team's scoring! leading the nation for a second year in a row. they are scoring as many points per game as last year, and without rui and Clarke and norvell and perkins. this is a credit to how well few coaches offense and his teams ability to execute his style of play.

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    For me, it is:

    1. This team gelling so quickly and playing so well early in the season - especially with an all-new backcourt. I figured they would play well as the season went on...
    2. Ayayi's development - His development is key to the success of the team so far this year, I believe.

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    1. Woolridge
    2. 20-1
    3. We don't have a "go to guy" and don't need one.

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    1. The strange reluctance by what seems like a majority of this board to accept the fact that this is an extremely good team. I'm guilty as well. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but the Zags just keep winning. Seems like the pollsters like the Zags chances better than the fans here do, which is a bizarre turnabout from past years when we'd be complaining about "no respect." I guess the good thing about low expectations is that it feels like playing with "house money."
    2. All the talk about Woolridge and Gilder before the season was about their defensive prowess. With them and the expected contributions of Ballo and Watson, I thought that defense was going to be the strength of this year's team. Instead, they have a middling defense and the #1 offense in the country, with all those new parts meshing perfectly. Completely unexpected.
    3. Ayayi. 'Nuff said.

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    I’ve been surprised all year. Pleasantly so. Beginning with being ranked in the Top Ten in the preseason. Seriously, what the heck were they looking at? Two legit # 1 draft choices, the leading assist man in Zag history and a wing that is a fringe NBA player gone. Ranked eighth before stepping on the court. Absurd.

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