Brian Snow‏ @BSnow247
Interesting, while basketball players with eligibility are leaving despite knowing they will not be drafted in record numbers, football players who are top 3 round picks seem to be coming back (even at running back) to college football at higher levels than in recent years
There were over 40 NCAA basketball players who declared early last year but who didn't get drafted or make NBA teams (or even make the G League). People below this tweet are commenting that it's because unlike football, if a guy leaves early and doesn't pan out in the NBA, he has other options like Europe. However, the thing that fascinates me is why kids return to school for football more often despite there being a much greater risk in football for catastrophic injuries, which includes brain trauma. You'd think if you had NFL talent, you'd want to get in there and get out as quickly as possible. I know many football guys are wanting to wait until they are fully physically mature (less chance for NFL injuries), but the NFL does have rules to keep kids in school to where they are developed. I think three years out of high school is enough for a major prospect. Also, while basketball players may have more options, those options often don't involve handsome pay checks and pay checks that arrive on time.