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    I hope we do play BYU again. Few and the guys will design a defense for Childs. I already know what I'd design for HAWS. Let's hope we beat em by 20. Filip doesn't have a lot of help underneath when it comes to rebounding and muscle. Tillie's not there often and Timme's part time. Filip isn't a tough guy with rock em sock em tendancies. Not yet anyway but one thing is clear. when a team packs the key.he's going to need some help to disperse the other teams bigs.....

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    I hope we get BYU as well. The last game against them put a foul taste in my mouth. They have the playmakers, shooters and A BIG to make an interesting run in March.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krozman View Post
    It's amazing to me how much Coach K and Coach Williams of UNC have thrown their team under the bus all season, telling the public that they're just not talented enough. Even if what they say is true, i haven't seen Coach Few say those words the way the others have this season.
    Isn't the lack of talent on the coach, who recruits his team? Ok, that's a rhetorical question. Williams has bad teams every few years and comes back with a vengeance. I'm not totally surprised by UNC, although the level of suck is at a level I have never seen for them. Coach K's situation is more surprising, although I have felt for a little bit that he is a moon that is waning. It seems to me that it started when he had the back problems and wasn't able to coach the entire year. Since than time, he has gone for more one-and-done guys and I have thought that may he was wanting to try this before riding off into the sunset. I feel like he has lost some of his coaching mojo and he has possibly been involved in the pay-for-play stuff (I think that accusations came up with Zion). I wonder how many more years he has left in him...

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