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Thread: Which "Mid-Major" basketball team has had more consistent success for any 20 years?

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    USF would have more appearances in the NCAA tournament but fell victom of NCAA investigation for paying players.
    1977 the were ranked #1 in country and had been the best team in the WCC (WCAC) for years. Put on
    probation a couple of times then made it back tourney I think in 1980. Then they get caught entertaining Sam Perkins who ended up at UNC (I'm sure UNC wasn't
    paying him) .
    After Quinten Daliey scandal they shut down the program in 82 reinstated in 85.
    The program has never recovered. I dont think it was quite as consistant as GU. They clearly were not running the program the right way but I'm sure all the big programs back then were paying players as I assume many still do. It only seems that the non power confrence teams are put on probation.

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    Have never really looked that closely at USF's history until this thread. What's interesting is they really had two separate periods of consistent success with a lull in between - the mid 50s to mid 60s and again from the early 70s to early 80s, before they shut the program down for a few years.
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    Yep. Look at Santa Clara, too. They likewise had a period of success, including tournament success (more than Pepperdine, which we sometimes hear about).

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