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Thread: Why Gonzaga (And other teams won't win the NCAA Tournament)

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    Default Why Gonzaga (And other teams won't win the NCAA Tournament)

    Love the Zags, but they've allowed at least 70 points in seven straight and three of their top five scorers are shooting under 67% from the stripe.

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    Certainly not the way the Zags have played the last two games. If anything is evident though it's that the Zags improve with time. Better to get some sloppy play out of the way now than later. Yes, lots of work on D and FTs needs to get accomplished. I'm particularly concerned with FTs. If the Zags are fouled near a tight game's end with a considerable foe ..... Zags lose. Are tight games going to happen? Yes. I'm worried on the FT end as that takes time to improve and we're not seeing any improvement.
    I believe the Zags have what it will take this season to get to their 6th S16 in as many years - due to spiffy Zag O. After that ..... with so-so D and poor FT shooting - not a chance. I'm hoping the couple of California games coming up show progress in these critical areas.

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    Apparently we are not the only top team with questions about free throw shooting


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    Three distinct woes on defense this season:

    - defending 3pt line with pressure, hands up, closing out properly.
    - ball screen defense, not so much dribble-drive issues, rather leaving open shooters, see point above.
    - petrusev.

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