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Thread: Zags @ Portland: Head to Head

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    Happy 2020 everyone! The new year brings us to WCC play. After the Zags roflstomped most of their non-conference foes, the team will continue to have a target on their backs in conference play. Fortunately, this year's conference schedule provides a bit of a slow rollout of escalating talent at the start, since they won't see SMC or BYU until next month. It's also interesting to note that while in-conference opponents usually have a greater sense of the Zags, this year is a bit different in that there are so many newcomers. On the other hand, the WCC as a whole seems better than usual, with a good number of teams with winning records, and a fair number of wins against power conference teams.

    The game at Portland (8-7) tomorrow kicks off the conference season:

    The Pilots are riding a 4-game losing streak, and are ranked #277 on KenPom (#297 offense, #216 defense), which are nearly Detroit Mercy numbers. They play a slower pace (#222) and their SOS is really abhorrent (#341 out of 353 teams in Division I). It's hard to glean valid comparisons from the chart above, since Portland's SOS is so bad. They did lose @USC by only 11 though. Bart Torvik's site predicts a 19.5 point win for the Bulldogs.

    The Zags really have a dream conference schedule at the start. In the next five games, they play, in order: #280 (Portland), #192 (Pepp), #179 (USD), #170 (LMU), #117 (SCU), before playing #14 BYU (Torvik numbers -- no last season bias).

    Go Zags!

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    Zags are 23 point favorites according to Las Vegas. Not unexpected. I suspect the Zags will outdo that. Also expect Chiles will have their first sellout, most likely due to Zag fans. I should have made the trip, but it wasn't in the cards this year.

    Sorry, , you're in trouble.

    P.S. I've got four of my closest friends/alumni hoping to gather for our annual reunion in Vegas for the WCC tourney. None of us has been to the tournament before. I'm really hoping to make this happen finally, after years of urging. If you have advice. particularly on acquiring tickets, please share. Live games are so much more fun than sitting in front of a TV/monitor.

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