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Thread: BYU Scouting Report: Big, Tall, Strong, Physical

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    Default BYU Scouting Report: Big, Tall, Strong, Physical

    BYU are tall, big, strong and physical lets look at their players.

    #22 Hamson (6'7") averages 8.2 Rebounds. Has 44 blocks this year.

    #03 Salmon (6'3") averages 6.3 Rebounds. Has attempted 97 FG.

    #33 Moody (6'2") averages 5.3 Rebounds.

    #14 Ugwu (6'0") averages 4.8 Rebounds.

    #05 Albiero (5'8") has 41 Assists on year.

    #01 Drollinger (5'8") averages 4.9 Rebounds. Averaging 12.1 points per game. Has 48 Assists. Has attempted 163 FG, has attempted 91, 3 pointers only shooting 28% on 3s.

    #13 Johnson (5'9") averages 14.7 points per game. Has attempted 145 FG, has made 24 out of 57, on 3 pointers 42%. 34 Assists on year.

    So what this tells you is their main two shooters are Drollinger (#01), and Johnson (#13) by far on FG attempts. #03 Salmon is their 3rd most frequent shooter by far.

    They have 3 ladies who mainly dish out the assists, Drollinger (#01), Albiero (#05) and Johnson (#13).

    Two players play a lot of minutes Drollinger (#01) averages 35 minutes per game, Johnson (13) averages 33 minutes per game.

    BYU is averaging 42.3 rebounds per game.

    BYU is missing their leading scorer from last year Shaylee Gonzales who averaged 17 points per game. Gonzales is a Red Shirt Medical this year.

    Moody, Salmon, Ugwu, Johnson all look like big girls, so reckon they play very physical, with the goal of keeping it a low scoring battle.

    Their coach Judkins is a good game planner, and makes due with what he has. They have won their first two games in WCC with you guessed it low scoring affairs. We lost all 3 games against BYU last year.

    BYU Coach Judkins just recently got his 400th career win, yep he's got lots of experience.

    First loss last year 70-68 at BYU. Second loss 66-64 at Kennel. Third loss 82-68 at Las Vegas WCC Tournament. Last loss we were without Laura Stockton and Jill Townsend who were both injured.

    Laura Stockton a muscular player always played well and Physical against BYU we will miss her presence. Zykera Rice was a force against BYU all 3 games last year especially on offense.

    Who will step up on offense against BYU this year?

    What we learned last year you don't want to be playing BYU in a close game. Definitely want to establish a good lead and keep it. Don't let BYU hang around.

    Their (BYU) two wins in the WCC this year have been on the road against LMU and Pepperdine.

    CLF will definitely want to get the BYU monkey off her back from last year.
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    For those that don't know, Drollinger is her married name, her maiden name is Brenna Chase of whom we are all well aware.

    BYU is essentially the same team we played last year with Maria Albiero (5'8") replacing the injured Shaylee Gonzales, otherwise the main characters for BYU are all the same with Drollinger and Paige Johnson joining Albiero as starting guards, with Jasmine Moody at forward and Sara Hamsen at Center. The primary substitutions for BYU are freshman Leilani Otuafi at guard and Shalae Salmon and Babalu Ugwu providing backup for the frontcourt (Moody and Hamsen). What is a little different this year is that only Drollinger (35.2 mpg) and Johnson (33.5 mpg) are averaging over 30 mpg while BYU has 8 players that typically average 15 or more minutes per game.

    All these girls are big body to go along with their height they play very physical, with the goal of keeping it a low scoring battle.
    Please, unless Drollinger has been hitting the donut cart, she has the same body type as KC, hardly a "big" body. Johnson and Albiero are not skinny but they are similar to the Truong twins in body stature. Sara Hamsen has a similar body type to the Wirth twins, just taller. AV has considerably more body mass than Hamsen has. All of these players are hardly "big bodies" that will physically move out their lady zag counterparts. Now Salmon, Moody and Ugwu are much larger in the haunches than anybody that Gonzaga can put on the court and tend to throw their weight around, mucking up the key.


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    Had to leave you something to harp on ZD (LOL). Oh you missed a question mark interested on anyones input on that.

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    Not harping, just pointing out obvious errors.


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    Sweet and simple Zag Fans who do you think will step up for the Zags Thursday against BYU on offense or in another part of the game?

    Or who do you hope will step up?

    Or do you think someone in particular needs to step up for this game?

    Not looking for just one name here obviously it has to be more than one player right?

    Obviously as a team all Zags are going to have to rebound and BYU is a very good rebounding team.

    Skip Zag and Sittingon50 particularly interested in your opinion on this. And of course our respected die hard of die hard fans Sylean.
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    Happy New Year 2020 Lady Zag Fans and Lady Zags

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    Okay ZAB... my thoughts

    GU as I have said has the best starting five in the conference.
    GU has a team of gamers who can adapt and conquer.
    And they have revenge on their side.

    Looking for someone to step up...CLF and her coaching staff.

    Go Zags!!

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    While certainly not entirely accurate as BYU and GU have played different opponents, comparison of the season statistics between the teams gives a reasonable idea on how the teams compare both offense and defense sides of the ball. Let's take a look at the comparison. I have bolded those stats where one team has a significant advantage over the other:

    Points Per Game: 72.3 ppg (GU) vs 63.5 ppg (BYU)
    Opposition PPG: 54.2 ppg (GU) vs 57.7 ppg (BYU)
    Scoring Margin: +18.3 ppg (GU) vs +5.8 ppg (BYU)
    FG Made/Game: 26.4 (GU) vs 24.8 (BYU)
    FG Percentage: 0.471% (GU) vs 0.388% (BYU)
    Opp. FG %: 0.350% (GU) vs 0.344% (BYU)
    3Pt. Made/Game: 6.0 (GU) vs 6.8 (BYU)
    3Pt. Fg%: 0.411% (GU) vs 0.332% (BYU)
    Opp 3Pt %: 0.248% (GU) vs 0.296% (BYU)
    FT Made/Game: 13.7 (GU) vs 8.6 (BYU)
    FT %: 0.767% (GU) vs 0.696% (BYU)
    Fouls/Game: 17.0 (GU) vs 15.5 (BYU)
    RPG: 36.4 (GU) vs 42.3 (BYU)
    RPG Opp: 31.3 (GU) vs 36.4 (BYU)
    RPG Margin: +5.1 (GU) vs +5.9 (BYU)
    APG: 16.3 (GU) vs 15.1 (BYU)
    T/O pg: 14.8 (GU) vs 13.9 (BYU)
    Opp T/O pg: 17.6 (GU) vs 12.8 (BYU)
    T/O Margin: +2.8 (GU) vs -1.1 (BYU)
    Ass to T/O Ratio: 1.1 (GU) vs 1.1 (BYU)
    SPG: 8.5 (GU) vs 6.1 (BYU)
    BPG: 3.4 (GU) vs 5.5 (BYU)

    So now that we have all of the above statistics, what can we gather from the stats above:
    - The only areas in which BYU has the advantages over GU is in rebounding and blocks per game.
    - GU has a significant advantage in almost all categories on the offensive side of the ball.
    - The loss of Shaylee Gonzales appears to have significantly impacted BYUs ability to steal and shoot the 3 pt shot.
    - BYU averages more turnovers than they create.
    - Sara Hamson supposedly took the summer off of volleyball and spent the time in the gym getting stronger and focusing on basketball. She still only averages 25 mpg.
    - Based on the individual player time played so far this year, we likely will not see a lot of 4 guard offense on Thursday and more of the traditional 3-guard +#4 + #5 where the 4/5 are either a forward and center or two forwards.
    - BYU's Head Coach Jeff Judkins reached 400 victories this weekend, making him the winningest basketball coach, men's or women's, in BYU history.

    We lost to BYU three (3) times last year; twice in the regular season (both times by 2 points) and once in the WCC tournament finals with LS and JT both out with injuries. Why did we lose to BYU in the regular season games? IMO:
    - When Sara Hamson was in, the lady zags had nobody to guard Hamson on the pick & roll. Layup after layup.
    - When Hamson was in, CLF's insistence on GU taking the ball to the hoop only to have Hamson either block or alter the shot.
    - When BYU went to a 4 guard offense, CLF insisted on trying to put a forward on a BYU guard which failed miserably, time after time.
    - BYU flops more than any other WCC team. We cannot give BYU free points and put our players in foul trouble.
    - Jeff Judkins outcoached CLF after halftime in each game.

    So what do the Lady Zags have to do to beat BYU this Thursday?
    - Do not have any quarter like the first quarter we had against Portland. Give us four (4) complete quarters.
    - Play an average Lady Zag offensive and defensive game, nothing spectacular is needed. We are the superior team on offense and similar on defense, no big changes are needed.
    - Paige Johnson is very aggressive and will take the ball to the hoop frequently and try and muscle up our guards. I would put JT on her on the defensive end of the court.
    - Brenna (Chase) Drollinger is very witty and will flop without provocation. Steal attempts must be clean and do not use your arm, to turn the corner. I think any of the guards can guard her but they got to be smart.
    - Play our game, not theirs. Draw Hamson out of the key or shoot 15 footers over her but remember she can reach a long ways. Quick shots are necessary and double pumps will give her time to reach you.
    - Wirths are quicker, more athletic and just as tall or taller than Mooney, Salmon and Ugwu. Take advantage of this when Hamson is not in the line-up.
    - When Hamson is in, consider putting in AV to clog up the key and force Hamson to shoot around her and not over her.
    - Run, Run, Run. Johnson and Drollinger are good players but the remainder of the guards are not near as good. BYU Forwards and Centers can have their legs run off them.
    - Move the ball quickly and accurately; inside and out as well as around the key. Do not force the ball inside if it is not open, the key is not our friend on Thursday.
    - Attack where we have the advantage, do not try and play their game; been their got the t-shirt, 3 times last year.
    - BYU only has 2 players averaging in double figures (Johnson & Drollinger) and in nine of the 12 games BYU has had 3 players score in double digits. Know who can hurt you and who likely won't hurt you.
    - Perhaps the biggest need of the lady zags if for CLF to not get outcoached again. Let the girls win the game in whatever method they need to. They got your back coach, let them prove it.
    - Relax, you Lady Zags got this.

    Go Zags,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    Happy New Year 2020 Lady Zag Fans and Lady Zags
    Back at ya!

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    I see MK stepping up on rebounding. I also see the Wirth twins learning from their tangles with Hamson et al last year - better post up moves coming up.

    JT and KC will come through. JT with 3s and rebounding. KC with ball movement and 3s.

    I think the KT11 and KT14 will play critical roles in this game - ball movement, court vision.

    JL will run circles around some of BYU's players.

    AV will help to neutralize Hamson.

    All rosy from my viewpoint!

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    Outstanding Zaglaw that's the precise kind of input and opinions was looking for.

    Other Zags fans join the frey what Lady Zag players do you think or hope are going to step up, Thursday on offense or in another manner against BYU?

    Hey we are not going to rehash this after the game, no criticism involved, just looking for your positive thoughts.

    Come on Zag Fans put away those New Year Party Hats and tell us your option.
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    Sorry Skip almost missed your post for obvious reasons (LOL). My opinion revenge did not work for us last year after losing to BYU on the road, we turned around and lost to them at home in the Kennel. No doubt CLF desperately wants this win badly. So Skip any inclination on individual ZAG players that may really step up against BYU or certain players you hope will step up?

    Thanks for posting Skip.

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    Don’t think I need or want to go there. I want to see a team win where every player has a part of it. And that’s what we have seen in a number of games this year.

    I just want to see CLF make sure GU controls the game this year... that’s what bit us last year.

    Getting time to shine up the shoes and pack the defense...

    Go Zags!!

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    Ok I've been impressed how good Jessie has gotten at the free throw line this year. I would love to see Jenn, Jill, Jessie, and Katie get to the free throw line as much as possible as they all have been really good at the free throw line this year.

    Unlike some people I don't think their anything wrong having a favorite player. I have adopted various players throughout the years, usually in their first year as a Zag. When I adopt them so to speak they are not the best player and often just role players when they start. Of course I really like it when they grow and get better.

    Much like other posters would love to see our bigs take the next step in their maturation on the floor.

    Our guards other than Laura Stockton really seemed to have a hard time against BYU last year. So It would tickle me pink to see some of our guards go off in any positive manner against BYU.

    Maybe we have to get over the mental stumbling block of losing 3 straight times to BYU that we can beat them.

    Some players I see their potential but they have so much room to grow and some times player never reach their full potential for various reasons.

    I like to see players evolve and continue to push their selfs in all faucets of the game.

    Would like to see our bench step up against BYU. Oh a side note #14 Kaylynne in her minutes has good percentages on offensive side of the ball.

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    "youse guys" are the ones who like the numbers, the stats, the heights,etc.....I'm not into comparing.....but....

    the Truongs make a difference.....I'm just telling you......the Troungs make a difference....

    the one thing I do remember from last yrs games is we failed to get enough open looks for our shooters.....shooting is byu's specialty....well that and flopping....they manage to get their kids open....

    we need to do the same...

    look, TPTB have us of the Missouri state posters said we were better then Oregon state...the Lady zags have been picked to win the conference.....

    do we believe all that or not.....I believe...

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    Thanks for sharing Sylean. A number of posters have mentioned BYU tendency for flopping. But good news on that front this year they instituted a foul for flopping, and remember one of our gals getting called for one early in the year. Since that time have not noticed much exaggerated flopping. So that could be a plus in our corner hey.

    Any other Zag Fans have a opinions on possible difference makers in our game tomorrow against BYU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAGS ATTACK BASKET View Post
    Thanks for sharing Sylean. A number of posters have mentioned BYU tendency for flopping. But good news on that front this year they instituted a foul for flopping, and remember one of our gals getting called for one early in the year. Since that time have not noticed much exaggerated flopping. So that could be a plus in our corner hey.

    Any other Zag Fans have a opinions on possible difference makers in our game tomorrow against BYU?
    BYU is quite beatable. Yes, we lost but I believe it a result of poor shooting both from field as well as free throws.

    Their post almost seems like a liability to them at times especially if she dares to stray out too far on defense towards the free throw line. Note how little she played, especially after the very first play.

    Small quick guards cutting and slashing to the basket OR kicking out for the occasional three point shot like Washington did seems to be the game plan against BYU.

    They are sorely missing Gonsales who unfortunately suffered that ACL tear. She provided a ton of leadership as "floor General" and offense creator.

    Check out the video from the Washington game of how they scored against BYU.

    We're still finding our flow and have several freshmen quickly coming up to speed. I'm hoping that our current record isn't indicative of how we'll end our conference season. Definitely looking forward to payback BYU in our last conference game late Feb.

    IF you Zags play TEAM ball, and your game is solid inside as well as out, and CLF can match BYUs coaching prowess, you should be fine.

    Zags by 12.

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    Welcome back CG3Dad.

    Hope things come together for LMU in the rest of the conference season.


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    People often claim their team loses due to a poor shooting night. But to me if you lose you have to give the other team credit. When you lose you were simply beat by the better team on that night and often out coached. The team that won obviously took you out of your normal game, that influenced all those missed shots ect. However poor shot selection is a whole another story (LOL).

    Have to say it always helps if your team is rebounding better and getting more shots. In the case of our last game against Portland they had more shots.

    On any given night anyone can beat anyone. I'm sure when the WCC schedule came out most of Lady Zag Fans highlighted or circled or took special note of the dates of the BYU games. So our players and coaches will come in to Utah, the Kennel, and perhaps if we play BYU in the tournament with a very high desire (to put it mildly). Especially those players coming back from last year with a memory of our 3 loses to BYU. Yes that would include all our 5 starters and Melody for sure.

    But it all comes down to what you do on the court come game time.
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    18-12 Zags lead end of 1st quarter.

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    32-27 Zags the Zags came out cold in 2nd half.
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    33-32 Zags barely still 3rd quarter.

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    44-33 Zags good close out of 3rd quarter. Lets close this out in the 4th quarter ladies. Katie hit a key 3 out of a timeout that got us going again. That a girl Katie.

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    46-37 4 minutes and change left. Everybody cold on Zags someone step up please.

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    Zags win 55-43.

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