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Thread: ESPN : Can the Zags Run the Table ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markburn1 View Post
    BYU could possibly beat the Zags. I wouldn't say it is a safe bet. Not even close.
    Same here
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    Absolutely they can, isn't say much, but it says something. Yes they absolutey have the capacity. No way means the potential is not enough to give them any chance worth shaking a stick at. Zags Yes-No
    It becomes a good question when I ask the same thing of the Portland Pilots. No-Yes.
    For the middle teams of the league, the question would be confusing for many of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markburn1 View Post
    There is a big difference between a 1 or 2 seed. Go ahead. Go out on a limb!!!

    "Unsurprisingly, no seed is as successful as the 1 seed. They have 24 of the 41 national championships since 1979. The only other seed with more than five is the 2 seed, which has seven. The 1 seeds also have won 99.3 percent of their first-round matchups, and 78.6 percent of their 659 NCAA tournament games since 1979 — better than any other seed."
    Do you think that is a function of the seed assigned to a team, or a function of how the team performed to have that seed assigned to them?

    On the s curve, 5 and 4 could be almost equal some years, and others 5 and 4 are three worlds apart.

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    Zags will run the table going to March.

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