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Thread: Letís play 5 on 5

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    Default Letís play 5 on 5

    Another lovely season has kicked back off and we are doing pretty well outside of one game. We have a lot of new faces and one breakout star in Ayayi. Going to be another fun year. We have been spoiled yet again in recruiting and on the court and this family has been unbelievable. Most of you have been so welcoming to everyone, even if you get the timezone on my calendar wrong (looking at you whoohoo)

    Anyway I’m bored with no weekday game this week thanks to finals week. Its a long week till Saturday. I wanna know your five best memories watching this team no matter how old, and your 5 favorite players. I’ll start. I know where I was for all of these things. I’m also not going to state the obvious Final Four and National Chmapionship game appearance as those are in a league of their own.

    1. Gonzaga over West Virginia 2017
    2. Gonzaga over Saint Mary’s 2011 WCC tournament -Marquise Carter 2011 MVP
    3. Gary Bell’s 3 pointer with win @ Oklahoma State
    4. Sam Dower 3 point winner over Santa Clara 2014
    5. “Dan Dickau winner from the Parking Lot” - Could also put Ammo “Sleepless in Seattle”

    Fav Players:

    1. Steven Gray
    2. Ronny Turiaf
    3. Domas Sabonis
    4. Brandon Clarke
    5. Quentin Hall

    HMs: (The Best Dunker) - Reed Schifferman, other faves include mike hart Sam Dower, Jeff Brown , Pangos, Bell, Stepp, Frahm, Matt Bouldin, Santangelo (great commentary when he was there, AMMO also does a fine job with huddy..) I could go on for days.

    Sorry I have a weird list. I know many of yours will look quite different lol.

    Also I wanna give some love to Drew Timme ... that kid is going to be great before we know it. Already a solid impact.
    21 Straight Big Dances

    11 Straight Round of 32s

    10 Sweet Sixteens (5 Straight)

    4 Elite Eights

    2017 FINAL FOUR

    2 Winningest Players in college basketball history (Karnowski 137, Perkins 134)

    The Best Point Guard to ever play the game: John Stockton, most assists, most steals.

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    I agree that when it comes to GU basketball it's a slow week. Thanks for this thread. It got me thinking about so many games and so many players. My answers only reflect my memories tonight on 12/10/19. I suppose if I did this again even tomorrow night I might come up with different answers. Here are my thoughts tonight.

    Here are my favorite Gonzaga games:
    1. The game in the NCAA National Tournament in 1999 when Gonzaga upset Florida to reach the Elite. Watching that shot by Casey Calvary go in the hoop with only seconds left in the game, and then moments later after the sound of the game ending buzzer, the Zag team wrestling on the arena floor with each other, hugging, wrestling, jumping on the pile....just plain and simple going crazy.

    2. Because Adam Morrison is my favorite All-Time Zag player and because I was at the game in Key Arena in Seattle when Gonzaga was playing Oklahoma State and Morrison hit the fall-away 30 footer at the buzzer to win the game. And what made it so unbelievable was that he was tripple-teamed and he banked in the shot. Some say he has said he called the shot.

    3. The West Virginia game in the 2017 Sweet Sixteen Regional NCAA Tournament when Mathews hit the 3 pointer with just seconds remaining in the game to lead the Zags into the Elite 8.

    4. Again maybe because I love Adam Morrison I will always remember with passion in my heart for the NCAA Tournament game, and I believe it was Adams last basketball game, when Gonzaga blew a 17 point lead against UCLA and lost the game on a turnover in the last 40 seconds of the game after an inbound pass was stolen and UCLA scored to win the game. What I will always remember the most, and it's forever sealed in my heart, was Adam laying on the arena floor in the agony of defeat, and weeping. I not only loved Adam but loved this team so much and truly believed that this was going to be the very first team to take us to the NCAA Final Four.

    5. I don't remember the year, but I do remember the game was in the NCAA Tournament against Arizona and the game went into double overtime, and the Zags almost pulled out an unbelievable victory as Blake Stepp's runner at the buzzer, after driblling the length of the floor full speed. bounced off the rim, and I had my heart broken one more time.

    As I remember all the amazing victories our teams have had, and all the jubilee that follows, the jumping, the hugging, the high fives, I will also remember that this kind of joy and true ecstacy does not come without heartbreak. I feel that it is some of those heartbreaks that have truly made our victories in the NCAA Tournament so sweet. And there are others than the ones I have mentioned tonight. I could easily go to ten games I will always love and remember.

    Favorite Players:

    1. i already told you who this is, Adam Morrison for a thousand reasons. The ones I most admired were his toughness. Many will remember him for his great outside shooting, but I will remember him also for his tenacity to drive to the basket and score with 3 or 4 players hacking him to death. I also really admired his confidence. He was definitely a role model that showed younger players (especially from the great state of Washington) what they could become on a basketball court. Adam was an egnima I believe, and no matter how much we tried to understand him, it was just impossible to do.
    2. Casey Calvary. I would have liked to see him play on one of the Zag teams that we had in the last five years. Calvary, imo, helped make Gonzaga what it became just about as much as ADAM did....but not quite as much.
    3. Steven Gray. I have always loved shooting guards, or shooting small forwards like Adam. Steven Gray could not only shoot, but he could score on a variety of ways. But what I loved so much about Steven is his toughness. My favorite memory of him was in a game toward the end against Saint Mary's toward the end of the game when he was walking up court toward the foul line. I think he was a senior because he was wearing those beautiful braids. What I loved was the camera focused in on the blood flowing down the side of Steven's face from his left eye down through his cheeks onto his neck. And he never once tried to stop the blood flowing down. He looked just like the true warrior he was, who was proud of that battle wound.
    4. I just have to put Ronny Turiaf on my list because of his true love and passion for the game. He has the greatest smile of any Zag player, and it's so big it fills an entire arena. His love for the game and for his Fellow Zags was just truly infectious. He inspired everyone, players and fans alike. And he could certainly play the game, and was as tough as any post player who ever played at Gonzaga.
    5. These truly amazing four players definitely need a point guard to lead them, and I'm going with another one of my favorite Gonzaga players Kevin Pangos. Like everyone of the players that I have picked, Kevin is as tough as nails, and he was actually small for elite basketball players in today's game. But don't ever think that Kevin ever thought he was smaller than anyone. That thought never entered his mind. Every great team needs a great leader and floor general. And Kevin was every bit of that.
    6.I'm going beyond five players because in my mind I'm putting together and All-Star team that will take on any other Zag team that any of you put together. The next 3 Zag players have to be Zag players who came off the bench to help make the team what it was. The first and best player to ever come off the bench was Zach Collins, imo. God I wish he could have stayed another year or two. He was tall, big, and tough and smart. He helped make that team of 2017 what it was.
    7. I'm sure many of the teams that fans might put together would have Mike Hart coming off the bench. Like every one of the players I've listed Mike was all about what a ZAG is all about. Tough, smart, team player, love for his running mates and coaches. He did so much for every team he played for. An unsung hero for sure.
    8. David Stockton. I just need another point guard who came into the game to lead the Zags while the starting point guard was out on the bench. IMO David was amazing, and won a number of games for the Zags. He was as smart about the game as any Zag I've seen play. I think he got it from his dad.

    That's it. And as I look at the 8 guys I've chosen, that these young men pretty much define what a Zag is to me. As gonzagafa62 said, the list could go on and on and on, and I'm really looking forward to other fans writing about your favorite games and favorite players....You will help us all remember the great days we've all had following the Zags for all the years that we have. I want to encourage you to try to do it. I enjoyed it. Yes, it does take some time, but really some of you may have time as it is a slow week. Help us get through it with some really awesome memories

    Go Zags!!!

    ps I'm 72 now and if my memory has faded into inaccuracies please forgive me...but I hope I've done a pretty geed job. At least I have tried.
    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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    My 5 favorite Gonzaga games of all time:
    1) ‘99 win over Florida in NCAA tourney to advance to Elite Eight.
    2) ‘06 win vs #2 UNC in Madison Square Garden. When Heytvelt dominated Hansbrough.
    3) ‘17 win vs West Virginia in NCAA tourney.
    4) ‘18 win vs Duke in Maui Championship
    5) ‘03 loss to #1 seed AZ in double OT...just a great great game

    Five favorite Zags of all time
    1) Fr. Tony Lehmann. A good friend. R.I.P. To be continued....
    2) Adam Morrison
    3) Jeremy Pargo
    4) JP Batista
    5) Blake Stepp
    It is their time....their team...I just get to watch. - Bartruff1

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    2017 F4 semifinal
    Stepp bank shot
    Duke Maui
    2017 NC ripoff

    The Bonus.
    Matt S

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    Hard to remember all those big moments but Morrison still the most exciting player to watch by a mile. Brandon next on excitement scale. Lots of moments and players I liked though. The OK Morrison bank shot was epic, and Calvary’s Florida shot got me hooked on Gonzaga Basketball. Rui not mentioned much nor Sabonis but Rui effort at game end in Maui to take down a Zion loaded Duke is epic to me.
    Few’s hand stands get style points big time.
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    Picking 5 moments over 20+ years is a tough task. The five that popped to mind, in no particular order:

    • Santa Clara's Brody Angley fouling Steven Gray past mid court with no time left, then Steven makes both free throws to send it to OT -- Zags win.
    • The 3OT game vs. Arizona. Happened to be in a Walnut Creek watering hole with one of my best friends. The place was rocking and most patrons were puling for GU
    • Adam Morrison's Maui Invitational game vs. Michigan State (birthday)
    • 2017 National Semi-Final win vs. South Carolina
    • Josh Heytvelt outplaying Tyler Hansbrough in Madison Square Garden, 2006 NIT Season Tip Off semi-final. Zags were ranked #23. UNC ranked # 2 . It was the teams first meeting. Zags won 82 - 74. (birthday)
    • HM: Meech's 2009 full court drive and layup to beat Western Kentucky in the round of 32

    One More: March 17, 2016 NCAA First Round win vs. Seton Hall: Sabonis with 21/16. A two hour respite from life it's ownself, a needed escape to Zagville in the midst of grief and mourning, a welcome episode of distraction at a very tough time.

    5 Favorite Players: Mike Hart; Adam Morrison; Brandon Clarke; Blake Stepp; Rony Turiaf. HM: Nigel Williams-Goss; Gary Bell, Jr.

    Have a great day.
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    Top 5 Zag games of alltime (my opinion).

    1. Round of 32 victory over Stanford (10/2 game) (1999)
    2. National Semi-Final win over South Carolina (2017)
    3. Sweet 16 victory over Florida (1999)
    4. Round of 32 victory over St. John's (10/2 game) (2000)
    T5. I'll go with a 10 way tie which includes Battle in Seattle wins over Mizzou and Oklahoma State, Neutral site victories over #3 Georgia Tech, Texas (Durant) ... the three "Top of the World" victories that started this "cute little run" under Monson .... Tulsa (Bill Self), #5 Clemson and Mississippi State ... the BB and T victory over Maryland in Washington DC (still feel Jud Heathcote's elbow in my ribs) ... sat with he and his wife Beverly (my late Mother's high school friend and classmate) the Maui victory over #1 Duke and the season ending win over Weber State featuring the iconic game ending dunk from Reed Schifferman.

    5 favorite Zags ...

    1. Ronny Turiaf
    2. Jeremy Jones
    3. Jeremy Pargo
    4. Mark Spink
    T5. 10 way tie between Domas Sabonis, Jeff Brown, Kevin Pangos, Stephen Gray, Gary Bell, Matt Santangelo, Kenny Tyler, Brian Michaelson, JP Batista and Jon Rillie.
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    "To be continued ....."
    Father Tony Lehman, SJ

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    1) slipper still fits
    2) national championship game
    3) 2ot vs az r32
    4) duke Maui
    5) ammo vs MSU

    1) Sabonis
    2) NWG
    3) Dickau
    4) BC
    5) Pargo

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    1) 12/13/2004 - The very first Battle in Seattle. OT Victory over #3 Missouri. Turiaf goes nuts to send us to OT
    2) March of 99 - The slipper still fits
    3) Duke - Maui
    4) Step misses the easy one to beat AZ in 2OT NCAA
    5) Any of the victories over the Huskies

    1.) Santangelo
    2.) Sabonis
    3.) Turiaf
    4.) Stockton
    5.) Pendergraft

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    fun. I like GoZags with 10 for the tie, I'll go with 5 for the tie +1

    The fav game list has evolved over the years
    1. 07 WCC Championship vs. SClara
    2. 99 vs. Florida
    3. 17 vs. WV
    4. 09 vs. WKy
    5. Ammo's banker vs. OK St., Heytfelt handing it to Hansbro, beating SC in '17, beating Duke in Maui, beating UCLA in '15 to return to the E8, beating tOSU in '18 to go S16

    So many favorite players, just 5, at this point just sooooooo many, too many, sorry...Calvary, Ammo, JP, Pendo, Pargo, Kuso, Meech, Hart, Steven, GBj, Silas, Karno, J3, Josh, JJ, ZNj, Rui.......CK becoming one of those guys too

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