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Thread: OT: Gus Johnson Is to Play-by-Play. . .

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    Default OT: Gus Johnson Is to Play-by-Play. . .

    . . .as Stuart Scott was to Highlights Coverage ?

    • Craftsmen, in my view.
    • Gus will forever tell us "the slipper still fits
    • Stuart often said grace under pressure was "Cooler than the other side of the pillow."
    • Good broadcasters add to the party.

    And you ?


    I happen to think there are a lot of sports fans who visit this board for the give and take discussion on more than Zags basketball, yet we're in an era where open discussion format (e.g., the OCC )forums unwieldy to moderate and generate a ton of hard feelings.

    Don't think the "Sports" forum has to be that way and off hand, I would guess there are 2-3 generations of sports fans on this bulletin board.

    I hope you share your stories here. There's a lot of wisdom in this august body.

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    Gus is doing my eulogy …..

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