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    Default Our International Players

    What do you appreciate about our players coming from afar to be Zags?

    I like the work ethic, strong motors and courage to come to a foreign culture and learn. The Canadians are almost the same as natives but we can't fault our success with them sans Foster perhaps.
    I can't imagine leaving family's and friends so far away yet giving us their all.

    I for one really appreciate and am thankful for each of these brave players.

    Your turn.
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    The are tall...

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    I love the international flavor! Selfishly however I really appreciate how good they are and the skill set they bring.

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    We get some of the best International players. Tommy does a great job of recruiting. When you look at who makes the ALL-FIBA teams, your will almost always see at least two of them will end up at Gonzaga. Gonzaga would not be where we are if not for the international players. Also the skill level of international players has risen expedentially. They are so skilled, and really good outside shooters (for the most part). For several reasons, Gonzaga usually can not recruit the highest rated high school players here in the USA. For that reason Mark Few had the insight and vision to realize that if Gonzaga was ever going to achieve the heights that Few (and others) envisioned for the Zags. As Gonzaga has slowly become an elite basketball program, in large part due to the success we've had with international players, we are now able to recruit, here at home, some of the elite high school players that we were not able to recruit before.

    AND Gonzaga, which has an atmosphere on campus of being a home away from home. It's a small enough university to give it a feeling of being at home. But even more than it's size, because there are many small universities, there is a love, the caring, and the degree of friendship and comradery that I am sure attracts foreigners. AND this feeling that I'm talking about lasts forever. Being a Gonzaga graduate is like being in a large family for the rest of one's life. Wherever, I go there are Gonzaga graduates, and when I run into them it's like running into your brother or sister. And for me it's good for me to remember that for the most part this basketball forum is also made up mostly of Gonzaga graduates, and it's good to remember that we are brothers and sisters, and even though we disagree sometimes, and sometimes a lot, we are still brothers and sisters.

    Go Zags!!!
    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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