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    Are pickles wet? Does Pinocchio have a wooden butt? Do the Zags play in a premier holiday tournament?

    Seemingly every year Gonzaga finds itself in the tournament that is loaded with the most ranked teams in college basketball. Maui, PK80, the Bahamas. You name it, the Zags are competing with the big boys. Heck, they ARE the big boys.

    Like it or not, these tournaments go a long way towards influencing what seed the Zags receive when March Madness rolls around. A good showing like last year in Maui gives them instant credibility that stays with them all the way to Selection Sunday. Lose two out of three and it takes the rest of the season to recover. This year will be especially critical because Gonzaga is a relatively unknown commodity to the rest of the country. Truth be told, they are somewhat of a mystery to Zag fans and even the coaching staff at this point. That will all change in three short days.

    It's time for the boys to gel. Will they be up to the challenge? The sorting out is over. We will likely see the rotation that will carry them through the season. Who will step up? Are they ready to play team basketball that we are accustomed to seeing? Do the Zags fear the competition or does the competition fear the Zags.

    The sun rises, the tide comes in, the Zags...….
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    Good thread, Markburn1. "The sun rises, the tide comes in, the Zags" roll on. This is a great tournament. The Zags will hold their own, and we Zag fans will once again be proud of our young men.

    Go Zags!!!
    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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    These guys play hard...and they share the ball well. Hope the other team comes to play...this group will.

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