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Thread: Grad Transfers - overrated?

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    Default Grad Transfers - overrated?

    I wonder if in general the analysts and fans and ranking/seeding pundits put too much expected value in grad transfers' contributions to their eventual team. Anyone else see surprisingly minimal impact more often than not? I’m specifically thinking about the top names (Reid Travis, Kerry Blackshear) and how they changed the expectations of their destination programs, perhaps overly so. Maybe if you are a truly elite player in this era it is almost impossible that you will want to still be in college for year 4.

    The guards (Mooney) at T Tech and Jordan Matthews for the Zags were valuable for their teams deep playoff runs, but grad transfers do not really seem to ever appear on top 20-30 player lists for the seasons.

    Which grad transfers have made enough impacts on their teams to be considered one of the top 2 players on a final4 or elite 8 team? The articles,
    "listicles", and hype surrounding the annual "grad transfer lottery" implies that some will go one to have such an effect.
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