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    Default #23... USA Today Coaches Poll

    The coaches seem to think the Lady Zags are worthy of the top 25...

    Time to show everyone, they’re correct...

    Go Zags!!

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    a bit surprising.....perhaps our supposed good game but a loss against #11 in our super secret scrimmage got out....

    Not that our team doesn't deserve it.....I'm a complete hopeless homer and think our team is the one of the best around.....

    but what would the USA coaches base this rating on?....we've lost 3 starters along with a good portion of our scoring....we only have two seniors and many or our players are untested.......Mel had minutes, LF very few, and then we have 4 players that saw no time last year......we're lost a projected power forward type in Kylee.....

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    Graduations open the door for Jesse, Jill, Katy and the Wirth twins to put there own stamp on the team & I think they will. Expect a minimum of fifty-five points per game between them, leaving the rest of the team to provide another 25-30. Those totals are going to furnish a big basketfull of W's by next March (if BYU's loss to WSU is an indication of WCC strength).

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