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Thread: Potential #1 Draft pick ruled ineligible -- James Wiseman

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    I think it is possible that eliminating the 1-yr post HS requirement for the NBA would actually be good for CBB as a whole.
    Those players don't want to be in CBB, and they are distractions who can deliver amazing individual plays but detract from the quality of team play and program continuity.

    Impossible to know for sure, but if the top NBA bound 5-10 HS guys each year just went to the NBA, instead of pretending they were students for a few months and being in these circus environments, I think both NBA and CBB would be better.

    This is how things were up through the early 2000s.

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    Agree LT. They need to end this charade.

    And Penny Hardaway has dropped a few notches in my book. This whole thing going back to HS is/was shady as hell, "IMO".
    This post is for March Madness seeding purposes only.

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