From the basketball preview in the Spokesman Review:

They’ve already raised their game. Now Katie Campbell and Jessie Loera are raising their voices. That’s harder than it sounds: In the interview room, both speak barely above a whisper. Yet Campbell and Loera know that senior leadership will play a big part in lifting a Gonzaga team that’s both loaded with college experience and utterly lacking in it.

The others are talented but green, and could use a little guidance from the two seniors. Speaking of which, Campbell noted that she’s “talking more in general practice, which is the last step in working on my leadership.” “I’m still finding my voice and getting better at directive talk,” said Campbell, one of the top 3-point shooters in the nation last year.

For Loera, leadership has usually meant running the offense at the point. For three years she backed up Laura Stockton, who along with Zykera Rice provided the emotional spark last season. “I know she was competitive, and she was one of the players I’ve always looked to, showing me the ropes and how things worked,” Loera said. Now it’s Loera’s turn. She’s already getting some leadership lessons by working as a student teacher at Bemiss Elementary School in Spokane.
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