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Thread: GU & UNC December 18 - From the Spokesman

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    Default GU & UNC December 18 - From the Spokesman

    Not much, but a little something on the UNC game and the Kennel Club. Thought some of the fans outside of Spokane might be interested in seeing the article.

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    Smile As Big a Game as Last Year's Duke Tussle

    It'd be pretty great if they were able to fill the student section, really get it rocking. (Is the student section capacity 2,000 students?) That ball game is so important. We beat the Tar Heels in NYC some years ago, but not since. After they've recently beaten us twice in quick succession (National Championship Game, last year's whipping), it'd be great to return the favor at our place. And on National TV. Biggest game of the day, most likely (like vs. Duke). O, I want this one!

    Right now ESPN has the game as #8 vs. #9.

    Gotta win this'n, gotta win this'n!

    Yeah, we're "The Champs," uh-huh!

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