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Thread: NCAA & Monetizing a Name/Image/Likeness

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    Nice. Thanks. I'll enjoy watching this unfold.

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    Default Emmert: Federal Regulations Likely


    The NCAA has had a working group sorting through name, image and likeness compensation since summer, before the Board of Governors last month cleared the way for athletes to be compensated “in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.”

    The board gave its sprawling membership a deadline to make legislative changes by 2021.

    Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby is part of the NIL working group.

    “This hasn’t, frankly, been the most enjoyable NCAA service that I have been involved with,” Bowlsby said. He said the timetable the NCAA has set is “doable.”

    Ultimately what the NCAA does is likely to be dictated by lawmakers.

    Temple athletic director Patrick Kraft said he knows compensating athletes is on its way to becoming a reality. He said he is “not losing sleep″ over the issue.

    “I just want to know how am I going to protect my institution and protect (the athletes),” he said.

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