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Thread: Ranger Challenge Green Team Reunion/Ultramarathon Relay

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    Default Ranger Challenge Green Team Reunion/Ultramarathon Relay

    In the í90s, an all-womenís group of Gonzaga ROTC students known as the Green Team trained and competed together as participants in the Ranger Challenge. The Ranger Challenge throws competitors into a series of grueling events, such as rope bridge-building and disassembling and reassembling M-16 rifles. The Green Team was the only all-womenís group among GUís four teams to compete.
    In September 2019, nine members from the í93-í96 Green Teams reunited to participate in the 175km Klondike Road Relay, which starts in Skagway, Alaska and ends in Whitehorse, Canada.
    These ladies beat a lot of ROTC menís teams back in the 1990s.
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    Gonzaga defeated 10 other schools in the Ranger Challenge this weekend.

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