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Thread: Potential Volleyball Recruit, Jill Pressly - Plano West HS, TX

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    Default Potential Volleyball Recruit, Jill Pressly - Plano West HS, TX

    While attending a football scrimmage last night between Coppell and Plano West, my wife pointed out a young woman wearing a Gonzaga t-shirt, only it was for volleyball.

    As the scrimmage ended, but before a fracas erupted amongst parents (more on that later), I sought her out, and said "Go Zags". I asked her if she had a sister going to GU, and she told me she's being recruited for the volleyball. I told her I'm an alum, but that I probably graduated from there before her parents were born.

    When she asked if I liked it there, I simply told her it was the best 4 years of my life, and I received a great education. I also said there's at least a couple dozen of my classmates that I stay in regular contact with, 40+ years after graduating.

    Due to the fracas that spilled into a melee requiring Plano police to step in, I didn't have the chance to show her a few of my best pics from the hoops camp two years ago. Didn't catch her name, but after doing some research, it has to be Jill Pressly, one of the top players in the country, whose team has a preseason national ranking of #8.

    Things got heated during the last 15 minutes of the football scrimmage. Some extracurricular hitting after a play ended in front of the Plano bench resulted in most of the Plano players (and coaches) swarming onto the field against 3-4 Coppell players. It took the referees several minutes to regain control. The Coppell coaches, to their credit, kept our players from leaving the sidelines.

    Little did I know that my son was in the middle of it. Our players weren't wearing their regular numbers, in case they were being scouted, and I never knew until afterwards the number he wore. He was kicked in the back a couple of times, but was overall no worse for the wear.
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