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Thread: BYU Childs suspended 9 games

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    Reading this thread makes my head hurt.

    1. Everyone agree's he should be suspended. Very True
    2. It would seem most people are in concurrence that the 9 days is a absurdly long penalty for the violation. Also very true
    3. The NCAA is a bunch of money hungry ######es who only seem to enforce there rules when it is convenient and when it wont jeopardize the large market teams in the league. Maybe not so much.

    There is such disdain for the NCAA on this and many other boards, much of it very well earned. However, "money hungry" is probably not a very accurate moniker.

    The NCAA "claims" it returns 96% of its revenue back to its member schools with only 4% of their income used for administrative fees. I don't know if I buy the 4% but even it was 8% or 12% it is far less administrative costs than the vast majority of "charitable organizations" that many of us contribute to.

    Here is a link to an ESPN story about the NCAA and their finances and how they give the money back to the member schools:

    There would be a whole lot of athletic departments in lots of financial trouble without the money the NCAA gives back to the schools.


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    I'm sorry, but this suspension and penalty is ridiculous. The NCAA is unbelievably inconsistent and in my opinion, comes down
    hard on those who are trying to follow the rules but mess up on the details and let the big boys skate until it can't be hidden anymore (should we be reminded of
    Louisville and the prostitute favors for athletes dads). Reminds me of "You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel." from the New Testament.
    This is definitely straining out a gnat. This really is robbing a good BYU team from some major statement victories in out of conference play.
    I hope they can rise above this and stun a few people along the way.

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    I suspect that if the rules were so simple to understand Gonzaga would not have Peggy Sue and 3 others on a compliance staff....

    I am not arguing against personal responsibility...... we have way to many people doing that...…. to the point we have a huge populations of so called victims and .....a grievance culture......when I was in my 20's I didn't always read or understand the fine print or think things through …. no...really....mistakes were made....

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