I propose a thread which all use to mark milestones in their family (or friends') lives. Maybe it will fall off, harmless.

*** My baby girl started sixth grade today, first official day of school down here, where as I've said before, they start early bc everyone wants to be inside anyway.

My only baby is now in middle school, even though her school is K-8. We live in the country, part of the 'Sipp that floats on oil. Thus, it is the best public school I have had the pleasure to be around. IT also allows the school to have "wings" - The K-2 "Wing" and the "3-5" wing, and the 6-8 wing.

Sadness, AND excitement. Every single time I long for the days when she was 5, I remind myself she will be 18 in six weeks, and enjoy the hell out of these days.

One great thing about living in the south, when you're a parent, you get to call your children your "babies" until you die.

That is why a proud grandmother will clap and cheer her "baby" at a high school football game.

Some find it sickening. I find it endearing, and loving.