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Thread: Withers: Zags & free agency

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    Default Withers: Zags & free agency

    This post is for March Madness seeding purposes only.

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    I see their point.

    However, as per usual when discussing NCAA rules and circumstances, the entire focus was on the teams and university.

    No doubt, mid majors and poor BCS bear the brunt.

    But, I am almost always far more "pro-player" bc they are not "pros" despite making a fortune for the school, AND it is not like it is an automatic thing in the fourth year. These kids have to work quite hard to be eligible. They graduate in 3 years, or study during a year off, usually hurt.

    It is earned.

    Additionally, if a player has graduated from undergrad, he HAS fulfilled his obligation to the school for the most part. At that point, one has to consider what is only fair to the graduate. It is not necessarily ALL a basketball decision (usually is, though). If one wanted to do a program that is unique and highly rated, who is the NCAA to say "Nope, you don't get that choice"?

    BTW: We are so spoiled that Brian Wesley set the standard for grad txers. He was a fantastic player, and even a better young man. For the most part, the others have proudly measured up. But if not for the fantastic Wesley, we might not be so open to transfers.
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    BS...the players should be able to transfer and play immediately.... for whoever wants them..... and where they want to go ….for their own reasons..

    Maybe the schools should enter into a contract with the players that includes 5 year scholarships..... assuming the players meet their obligations under the contract for performance and conduct .....the colleges and the coaches are making millions and the kids are getting a pat on the butt....and no..... a year at Gonzaga is not worth $60,000...that is what it costs people that are willing to pay that...

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    I think the grad transfer thing is good. It empowers players to try something different. It’s not too hard to see how the freshman athlete’s priorities could change over 4 years— you’re talking an 18 year old versus 22. A lot can change. If GU falls victim to it some day, they have already capitalized on it enough for me to say that the risk is worth it.

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    Very interesting read.

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