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Thread: Former Zag Vandersloot Named WNBA All-Star

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    My thoughts:

    ...but the whole sequence of Sloot's fatal error will live forever on the Web, accessible under the ever-popular search topic: Epic Fails.
    No doubt. But I will bet you a beer at your favorite establishment that at the beginning of the WNBA season next year, the video of Hamby's shot has 50% more views than the video of Sloot's bad pass. For no other reason than Las Vegas averages 50% more fans than Chicago. I still stand by my opinion that Sloot's pass will never measure up to the Michael Jordan shot over Craig Ehlo for the win. The play is not remembered for any fault of Ehlo, but for the brilliance of Mr. Jordan. I think this play, on a much smaller scale, will be remembered much the same way, the Sloot pass as secondary to the shot by Hamby. Time will tell.

    Winning back her Sky teammates' confidence in her, of course, is paramount. Way more important than Sloot's growing, already substantial resume. But that may be the hardest thing still left to win.
    In listening to interview after interview with her teammates and coaches during the season, they feel they have in Sloot, the best point guard in the WNBA and I doubt that a bad pass that cost them a playoff game will undermine that mentality. IMO, it is far more likely that each player is wondering what they could have done to avoid putting Sloot in that position at the end of the game. We will see next spring what if any impact this has on the Sky as a team.

    No matter what Sloot's numbers eventually end up being, to be overwhelmingly identified as the best point guard of all time will require winning one or more WNBA championships. Rightfully or wrongfully, there is always that group in society that defines success as wining championships and no other measurement matters. Even though basketball is obviously a team sport and even the best players, by themselves, cannot carry a team to a championship. To those in the all that matters is championships group, it does not matter if you are John Stockton, Dan Marino, etc., you can't be the best because you did not lead your team to any championships. LeBron can never be as good as Michael Jordan, no matter his numbers or even trips to the championships as Jordan has six rings and is undefeated in championships and LeBron (who has been to 8 championships) only has 3 rings and has a losing record in championship series. No right or wrong, opinion, just a matter of fact.

    If I remember correctly, Sloot and AQ only signed 1-year contracts, so as of the end of this season, I don't think they are official members of the Sky. In addition, I think the WNBA players voted to end the CBA as of the end of this year, so a new CBA will have to be agreed to before the beginning of the next WNBA season. Maybe some big changes coming to the women's league for next year.


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    And, as the bonny Scots are wont to say, "Ther's an end on it!"

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